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Thematic Botanical Garden

For  Conservation research, education and extension the Center is establishing a Thematic Botanical Garden in an area of 4.33 ha (10. 63 acres) adjacent to the wetland area of the Campus. The wetland side of the Garden having a number of aquatic species (Sagittaria sp., two species of Potamogeton sp., Hydrilla sp., Nitella sp.(Algae), Chara sp.(Algae)., Marsiliea sp.(Pteridophyte) also provides consorvatory for natural populations of two species of Equisetum i.e., Equisetum ramossisimum and Equisetum species (yet to be identified), a living fossil from Jurasic time.The wetland part of the Garden also provides habitat for aquatic life – flora and fauna, especially the migratory and other aquatic birds, amphibians, fishes, reptiles such as tortoise, monitor lizard and  snakes, etc.. Till date more than 435 plant species have been introduced in the Botanical garden and Five Theme Gardens established. Except a few, all species are indigenous or endemics. Out of 84 plant species; 46 belong to large trees, 21 small trees and 17 shrub species. The main thrust is to introduce as many as possible rare, endangered and threatened plant species from the conservation point of view. When fully operational the Garden will have 17 theme gardens, including Medicinal Plant Garden and Butterfly Garden


The main focus of the Garden will be to conserve some of the rare and threatened plant species of the region and conserve them in-situ and ex-situ.

Automatic Weather Monitoring Station

A weather monitoring station has been installed in front of the Library building and maintained by the Center. The Weather Station provides continous data on temperature, relative humidity, sun radiation, rainfall, wind direction & velocity and barometric pressure.