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Shiv Nadar University trains its students to become all-round professionals. Armed with a solid grounding in theory and skill, the students are able to navigate their way through the challenging programs and projects.

Shiv Nadar University selects one the best students through its entrance exam - grounded in theoretical knowledge and its practical application; aptitude, and basic communication skills. Once the student is admitted, these skills are honed through three pillars of University’s unique curriculum - Major, which give students detailed knowledge about the concepts of a curriculum; and Electives and Core Common Curriculum, which introduces students to other domains. Coupled with this multidisciplinary environment is the training that our students receive by working as either an intern or working on campus through its flagship opportunities – the On-Campus Jobs.

The system provides students with a holistic approach towards higher education and training. This is supplemented with a customized training that the students received from the Center in their final year of undergraduate degree – The Campus Placement Preparation Module which aims to provide fresh graduates with the necessary skills to assist them in their transition from an academic to a professional environment.

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