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Career Services

The world is booming with new career opportunities that were previously unimaginable. Shiv Nadar University believes that the best way to lay a strong foundation for a stable career is to be informed and prepared. It is important that during their time at the university, students explore the present and upcoming career choices available to them across various domains, be it in corporate sectors, government, civil society and non-profit organizations, academia, or entrepreneurship.

To ensure students are aware about these dynamics and the factors that regulate them, CDC organizes guest lecture series conducted by leading professionals from all industries and disciplines. Various industry engagement programs through field visits, mentorship programs, workshops and trainings, and individual career counselling give students the relevant exposure to the field and enable them to make an informed decision about their graduation outcomes. Our alumni are active and engage frequently with the junior batches to ensure that they are not only aware but prepared to achieve their goals, whatever their career choice may be. Our services are not limited to the CDC; they engage our career counsellors, faculty, alumni, and parents to assist the students. Their choice of either leading an academic career by embarking deeper into research and higher education, or diving straight into the job market through placements is an outcome of the career services we provide at CDC.

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Campus Placement Preparation Module

Every year the students opting for placements face some of the world’s best employers in a competitive selection process. Preparing them to ace the placement process is the Campus Placement Preparation Module (CPPM) which is a rigorous training program enabling students to present their best self forward.

Sessions on Resume and Cover Letter Creation, Mock Interview Rounds and Group Discussions, Technical Interviews and multiple aptitude tests help them understand how an actual interview day may look like. Soft Skill workshops that teach students the importance Body Language, Leadership, Etiquette, Dining and Grooming contribute to their overall evolution from classroom to the outside world. CPPM is organized in association with industry leaders, subject matter experts & trainers from some the best partner organizations besides actively engaging our alumni in these pre placement preparatory sessions.

Career Advisor

Every student at the University can reach out to members of the CDC Team who work as Career Advisors, guiding and helping students make an informed career plan. Tools like a 360-degree evaluation, competency tests and assessments coupled with individual profile discussions allow each student to identifying their strengths and weaknesses. With a variety of career options available to the fresh graduates today, the Career Advisor profiles each student basis their interest and capability and makes recommendations about a career plan relevant to them.

Soft Skills Training
Soft skill trainingSoft skill training

Career Development Center organizes soft skill workshops to make students understand the importance of leadership, attitude, etiquette and grooming. These workshops are organized for the overall personality development of students. This is done to make sure that the students are prepared for the outside world.

Soft Skills workshop includes aspects of management like self-management, stress management, time management and project management. It also focuses on the presentation and writing skills of the students. 

The primary objective of these workshops is to focus on personal skills like creativity, self-motivation, adaptability, listening skills, empathy, honesty, open mindedness and communication skills. These workshops also teach students the importance of being an independent worker and being a good team member.