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Shiv Nadar University Sports: "United we play. United we win"

The Sports Program at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR is designed to serve student interest in different sports and recreational activities. These interests can be competitive, recreational or instructional in nature; students may represent the University in inter-university competition or intra-club (SNUSL) league activities such as tournament play, training, instruction, and social interaction (recreational) events.

Department of Physical Education desires to extend sporting and recreational events to any student/faculty/staff/family residents on campus & support staff (housekeeping, security, maintenance etc.)  at the university providing the opportunity to participate individually or in mass with a team in the sports program at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR.


Sports Section

07:00 - 08:00 PM

Cross Campus Run

The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP27, will be the 27th United...


Inter-Department Basketball Tournament (Boys & Girls) from 17-18 Sept.

Department of Physical Education is organizing the Inter-Department Basketball Tournament (Boys & Girls) 2022-23...

06:00 - 12:00 AM

SNUSL Football 2022

SNUSL Football will be kicked off from 7th September 2022 to 9th September 2022...


A three week Foundational Yoga Program (For Beginners)

This Foundational Yoga Program (for beginners) aims to provide primary concepts & practices about yoga and to...


SNUSL Badminton 2022

SNUSL Badminton 2022 will get underway from 3rd September to 4th September 2022....


Campus Run by Dept. of Physical Education and Sports at Shiv Nadar IoE Campus

To kick start the sporting activities for the entire community of Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (Shiv Nadar IoE...

National Sports Day (Volleyball)

Every year, National Sports Day is celebrated on August 29 on the birth...

5 km Cross-Campus Run

The Department of Physical Education and Sports of Shiv Nadar Institute of...

Fresher’s Cricket Tournament

The Department of Physical Education and Sports of Shiv Nadar Institute of...


               FOOTBALL SNUSL (BOYS) 2022-23,...

SNUSL Badminton

BADMINTON SNUSL (BOYS/ GIRLS) 2022-23, was organized on the 3rd & 4th of...

International Day of Yoga 2022

International Day of Yoga 2022, on 21st June 2022 is being celebrated across...

Shiv Nadar University student Mohit Bhatt prepares for Asian Junior Squash...

Mohit Bhatt, a student of BMS’25, currently ranked no.1 in India (Under-19...

Inter Department Badminton Championship 2022

Inter-Department Badminton Championship 2022 was organized by Department of...

Blitzkrieg - Chess Tournament

Department of Physical Education and Chess Club organized a Chess Tournament...

Beginner-Friendly 3x3 Basketball Tournament (Men & Women)

Department of Physical Education conducted Beginner-Friendly 3x3 Basketball...

Campus Squash Tournament

Campus Squash Open was organized by the Department of Physical Education on 12th February 2022. The tournament was conducted in both men's and women's categories. Total of 52 players participated in the tournament in both categories.

Winners of Campus Squash Open are as follows:

Men's Category

1st Place: Satwik Narang

2nd place: Dr. Mandar Oak (Professor)

3rd Place: Aksaj Bharatwaj

Women's Category

1st Place: Aanchal Rathore

2nd place: Meghaji

3rd Place: Varshini Subramanian

Most Promising Player (Men): Anirudh Kochar

Most Promising Player (Women): Mansi Yadav

Beginner-Friendly 3x3 Basketball Tournament (Men & Women)

Men's Final: Team Varun Vs Team Abhijeet

Team Varun: Varun, Revanth, Raghav.C

Team Abhijeet: Abhijeet, Ajay, Joel, Akshar

Team Varun defeated Team Abhijeet 
Score 11-10

Women's Team: Team Pallavi Vs Team Nidhi

Team Pallavi: Pallavi, Prahriti, Aradhna, Tripti

Team Nidhi: Nidhi, Shailja, Soujanya, Narayani

Team Pallavi defeated Team Nidhi
Score: 15-6





Welcome Back To Campus, Fun And Fitness Run 2021

Boys Category

1st Place: Savan Kumar 

2nd Place: 

3rd Place: 

Girls Category

1st Place: Anjali Semwal

2nd Place: Priyanka Bhati 

3rd Place: Sunita Patel

Six-A-Side Rapid Football Tournament

Six-A-Side Rapid Football Tournament was organized by the Department of Physical Education, Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR on 19/02/2022






Match 11st All-Star Civil Vs Mid Night MessersMid Night messers2-0
Match 21st Ph.D. Vs Chaddaji Old BoysPh.D.2-1
Match 31st Swad Kathi Roll Vs Wasseypur FCSwad Kathi Roll7-6 Penalty Shootout
Match 41st Kalla Khatta FC Vs Callbob FCKalla Khatta FC5-0
Match 51st Aces Vs KhilaidsKhiladis3-0
Match 62nd Team Blue Vs Mid Night MessersTeam Blue2-1
Match 72ndKalla Khatta FC Vs KhilaidsKhiladis3-1
Match 8Semi-Final 1Team Blue Vs Ph.D. Team Blue7-6 Penalty Shootout
Match 9Semi-Final 2Khiladis vs Swad Kathi RollKhiladis3-0
Match 10FinalKhiladis Vs Team BlueKhiladis4-0


SNUSL Rule Book
SNUSL Players List
S.NoName of PlayerCourse YearPrimary SportSecondary Sport



Please click here to view the general information and rules of all sports in SNUSL.

SNUSL is a student sports council initiative which was introduced in 2013, constituted of 6 clubs namely Silver Hawks, Shadows, Flying Dutchman, Titans, Supersonic, and Skylarks. The first season of SNUSL in 2013 witnessed brilliant competition among the teams which eventually turned into a huge success. Since then SNUSL has become an integral part of the sports program, with activities spread throughout the academic year.

SNUSL objective has helped the university sports to build stronger teams and also provide an opportunity for searching sports talent among the students. Over the years, participation in SNUSL has increased among the student’s community of SNU sports.


There are 4 clubs approved by the governing student council. Clubs named as below.





Dr. Amrish Tony
Director, Sports
Shiv Nadar...
Pawan Negi
Sr. Sports Officer
Shiv Nadar...
Ujjawal Bahuguna
Badminton Coach
Shiv Nadar...
Narendra Bhandari
Football Coach
Shiv Nadar...
Jasveer Rana
Cricket Coach
Shiv Nadar...
Sudipta Sil
Yoga Instructor
Shiv Nadar...
Gaurav Kumar
Volleyball Coach
Shiv Nadar...
Sachin Bansal
Basketball Coach
Shiv Nadar...
Arpit Gupta
Tennis Coach
Shiv Nadar...


Sports and extracurricular activities are an integral part of learning and growth for students and faculty on campus at Shiv Nadar University. With world-class infrastructure on campus and highly qualified coaches, the sports department works to create and sustain a strong sports culture. At Shiv Nadar University, Students have ample opportunities to achieve a healthy body and a nourished mind. A 1,20,000-sq. feet grand Indoor Sports Complex and 5,71,410 Square feet of outdoor international standard playing fields, stands as a milestone in creating a rich culture of physical activity on campus and develop competitive skills.
Sports Facility Rules & Guidelines:

Indoor Sports Complex

One of the major highlights at the University campus is the state-of-the-art Indoor Sports Complex, winner at the prestigious NDTV's Design & Architecture Awards during its fifth edition in 2017.

A 120,000 sq. feet Grand Indoor Sports Complex stands


One of the major attractions are the indoor badminton courts with terra flex mat and wooden courts which are a sight that no one can say no to for playing 

Indoor Basketball

2 international standard indoor wooden courts are housed in the SNU indoor sports complex. The indoor courts are also host to many national level basketball championships

Table Tennis

A dedidcated state of the art Table Tennis hall situated at the ground floor of SNU Indoor Sports Complex with four international standard Table Tennis boards for regular competative training under the guidence of coach, morning and evening.

For recreational purposes standardised Table

Fitness Centre

Interested to stay fit or build up your muscles, use the facility at state of the art unisex fitness centre (Gym) at the indoor sports complex with high end cardio machines, weight stations and strenghting equipment. 


Come flex, bend, stretch and beat your stress with meditation at our yoga classes in yoga hall at the Indoor sports complex. 


Pure and professional 4 squash courts are available for the squash enthusiasts for practicing and compete at the high ranking tournaments which takes place at SNU squash arena from time to time.


A full turf wicket along with 2 turf nets adds a charm to the most common game of our country. SNU cricket feild is host to many cricket matches internally and externaly


Jump, hit and smash at the 2 outdoor volleyball courts under the sun or at night with well lit flood lights


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A full international standard green soccer feild provides an opportunity to all players playing professionally or leasurely. Many internal and external tournments are organsied from time to time

Outdoor Basketball

If you have the passion for slam dunk or just want to shoot some hoops, 3 outdoor international standard synthetic basketball courts are provided

Indoor Running Track

A 200 meter indoor running track on first floor at the SNU indoor sports complex beats the heat in summer and the winter chills during winter season providing perfect ambience for a fitness run. 

Indoor & Outdoor Wall Climbing

Two professional indoor (9 meters in height) and outdoor (13 meters in height) artificial walls add up to the adventure facility at the indoor sports complex.

Chess Garden

Interested to play chess in a small board or be a part of the chess with life size chess garden, lights up at night or during the day. Fit for playing individually or solve the team building puzzles with your friends.