SNU Housing and Dining
We have hygienic, well–furnished and well–equipped dining areas to provide a unique blend to living and learning on campus

Housing & Dining

At Shiv Nadar University, every effort is made for you to experience the academic rigor while you also savor the joy of gourmet food and the comfort of your home away from home.

Housing - Experience the comforts of home

The residential campus brings to you the comforts of home and a space that inspires the mind. Acknowledging the need to create a microcosm on campus to adequately represent the diversity that characterizes India, the University housing provides an individual space within a well – connected community. A safe, secure, modern, and collegial environment where students have access to a range of academic and recreational services to provide a well-rounded and supportive living experience.

Hostels are fully residential, state-of-the-art and gender-segregated units, designed to create personal space while incorporating shared living. Students are provided with a comfortable space with basic utilities. Each hostel is provided with a pantry on the ground floor, equipped with microwave ovens, water coolers fitted with RO and purifiers and other facilities. The rooms and washrooms are well-fitted and the ladies washroom is built with feminine hygiene in mind. The Wi-Fi enabled common areas in all the hostels are house to endless chats, discussions, interactions and ideas and creativity.

Dining - Best conversations unfold over meals

Embracing the diversity on campus - of culture and food preferences, the two large Dining Halls (DH 1 & 2) provide you a full spectrum of gastronomic delights. Hygienic; well–furnished; well–equipped dining areas to provide a unique blend to living and learning on campus. Functional seven days a week, the dining halls offer an assortment of Indian and International cuisines and are well serviced by fully functional HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) governed catering service providers. These are also supplemented by a food court in the main academic block; a café in the central library building and kiosks at the hostel block that sells a variety of snacks. The quality of food served on campus is closely monitored by the student-elected mess committee and the University administration.