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Shiv Nadar University is a macrocosm that provides its students a platform for growth inspired in Opportunities; Access; Freedom and Training in Academics and Life.

At Shiv Nadar University learning is focused towards creating the next generation of leaders. It is a place where active learning becomes a part of your living; where the learned is de-constructed, learning is evolved and the art of asking questions becomes a learning to stimulate your creativity and intellect.

To support its engaging academic mission, the University encourages and underlines the importance of a vibrant, stimulating, engaged, open and respectful campus culture. This in-turn has inspired a creative expression through student clubs, societies, activities, entrepreneurial projects and much more. Students have an access to resources needed to organize and pursue a range of academic and recreational interests as well as a cultural milieu in which students enjoy the freedom to express and engage in intellectual debates, interests, develop talents, challenge conventional wisdom and experiment with new modes of thinking and doing. When in the University, you are enriched by a diverse community.

Student Group at SNU
Student Group at SNU
University Central Library

‘No University in the world has ever risen to greatness without a correspondingly great library’  - Lawrence Clark Powell
To support its academic mission, the Shiv Nadar University Central Library stands as a modern, magnificent ship like regal structure, offering an extensive collection of books, journals, and electronic reference materials. The Library and Information Centre consists of sections for Reference; Circulation; Audio-visual; Periodical; Book Bank and Digital Library.
The library provides warm inviting spaces for group work, study rooms, comfortable space for self-study. Working late into the night, the library offers students an indispensable space to study and research; have conversations and enjoy the café located on the ground floor of the library building offering sumptuous snacks and drinks. Library working hours are from 9:00 am to 12:00 am on all days.

SNU Library building

University Central Library

Beyond Classrooms

The academic mission and rich diversity on campus have inspired a creative expression through student clubs, activities, entrepreneurial projects and much more. Informal chats, hobbies, and passions have led to the genesis of over 30 diverse student clubs and societies that have a blend of art, music, dance, photography, sports, technical clubs, robotics, coding and much more. In its pleasant and dynamic surroundings, students from across India share their experiences; values and gain an understanding of different cultures.
In short, you have the world to explore beyond classrooms - festivals; events; special projects; hobby activities and much more.

SNU Breeze program

'Battle of Bands' in University festival - Breeze 2016

An Ecosystem of Discovery
The University houses a plush green Biodiversity Park. Envisaged as a thematic garden for research, conservation, education, display and extension purpose, the park has a live collection of over 75 species of plants that belong to 40 plant families. It also holds a rich floristic diversity with over 161 wild plant species belonging to 41 families and about 90 percent of the identified plants with medicinal properties. You experience academic rigor in the lap of University's own Biodiversity Park.
SNU Bio-Diversity-Park

A curious glance to realize the natural diversity around the campus - plethora of living, thriving, ecological diversity.

The University is Always Awake

The University never sleeps - it’s fully residential campus is full of life; always awake with sports and cultural activities; discussions; debates; chats; performances; late night experiments in laboratories; walks; coffee; laughter and more. The University campus is where - Discourses unfold! Activities brim with energy! Friendships evolve! Conversations happen over meals with faculty and fellow friends! Where journey to self-discovery takes shape. You have enough on campus to stimulate your intellect; pique your curiosity; you are inspired to study, play, and make friends for life. It is the place that becomes your home – it feels like home away from home.

SNU Campus at night
Students at Night at SNU