Pro Chancellor

Mr. Shikhar Malhotra
Pro Chancellor

Executive Director, HCL Corporation
Vice Chairman, HCL Healthcare
Trustee, Shiv Nadar Foundation.
Pro Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University
Trustee, Habitats Trust

Shikhar Malhotra is the Executive Director and Board Member of the $8.5 billion enterprise, HCL Corporation.

Shikhar is also the Vice Chairman of HCL Healthcare. HCL Healthcare began operations in 2014 in Delhi and he has led the organisation since inception. HCL Healthcare focuses on making Corporate India a healthier place by providing the continuum of care for chronic and acute diseases across a range of healthcare delivery offerings. It operates out of 7 cities pan India and serves over 70,000 families.

As a Trustee of the Shiv Nadar Foundation, Shikhar founded the Shiv Nadar Schools in 2012, the Foundation's first foray into urban education. The Shiv Nadar Schools currently operate out of three campuses located in Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad. In a short period of time, the schools have gained a reputation for its differentiated curriculum which focuses on academic excellence as well as an emphasis on holistic development making them among the most sought after schools in Delhi NCR.

Shikhar has recently been appointed the Pro Chancellor at the Shiv Nadar University. He will provide a strategic vision and global outlook to the university.

Shikhar is the trustee of The Habitats Trust, which aims to secure key natural habitats and their indigenous species.

Shikhar is an alumnus of Babson College having studied Entrepreneurship. He is married to Roshni and they have two sons.

Message from the Pro Chancellor

We live in exciting times! Education is not just about the learning of facts anymore because the human mind is challenged with the expansion of the knowledge of our known universe like never before.

Shiv Nadar University is an institution of higher learning that works to seamlessly integrate research thinking into the everyday process of teaching-learning. We are a student centric university. Shiv Nadar curriculum has been so designed as to take advantage of the multidisciplinary nature of the university to expose our students to ideas stemming from various schools in the process the degree programs. We believe in enriching and bringing out the potential of the logic side and the creative side of a human being through a holistic curriculum.

Shiv Nadar University is a national university dedicated to solving problems of national need and we certainly want our students to be exposed to and understand what India needs and develop the intellectual expertise to provide solutions. We have created an interdisciplinary graduate program on water science and policy that has been hailed as so novel and unique that it has drawn monetary support from a Canadian agency. Shiv Nadar University has MOUs with security and foreign affairs think tanks. Shiv Nadar faculty have been doing remarkable research and have already discovered a compound to reduce mercury poisoning. By the way, we have invested hundreds of crores in labs since we believe in experiential learning.

We want our students to be leaders in global companies and be solving global issues; we have signed MOUs with many prestigious universities in Europe, China, Australia and the U.S. Our students have already been going to China and are going to Australia, Canada and Italy on semester study abroad programs. We are creating more and more opportunities but with caution to make sure that the academics at those institutions are on par with ours.


If you are passionate about learning and are willing to work hard, yes, work hard to get a rewarding education at a place that provides opportunities to challenge your potential, then Shiv Nadar is the university for you. If you believe in freedom with responsibility and are academically serious, you will benefit most by attending Shiv Nadar University. If you want to explore various subjects taught by super faculty from the world’s best institutions, we have them at Shiv Nadar University eager to teach you and mentor you. Come to Shiv Nadar University...inquire, explore, discover, innovate.

We are pioneers in allowing undergraduate students to participate and contribute towards ongoing researches as we understand that cross-pollination of ideas across disciplines is one the few ways to challenge the existing framework of knowledge delivery.

Those of you who believe that you have what it takes to take the vision of Shiv Nadar University forward should come join us and I promise that we will find the best way to unleash your full potential.

If you want your son/daughter to go to a “new” University in India that offers a true universal education that develops a well-rounded, confident man/woman, Shiv Nadar University is ideal for your ward. Note that the rigor of education is high; responsible, self-motivated  and hardworking students will get the most and shine the most out of Shiv Nadar education. Yes, we are serious about academics though we have an enviable sports complex and incredible sport infrastructure. Our student athletes perform better academically than the others. While research is in our DNA, we constantly seek methods to make ourselves better teachers and work to facilitate and enhance better student learning.

Our goal is to make Shiv Nadar University a hub for researchers from all over the world to come and collaborate on their research and find solutions to problems facing mankind and make our students a part of that wonderful, challenging and rewarding experience.

I am an Aerospace Engineering professor in the US (see my bio on the website) and a dedicated faculty. I still love to watch planes take off because they are just so beautiful and subliminal.

I want every student to enjoy the field of their choice as much as I do and promise to do everything help students achieve their dreams. We at Shiv Nadar are dream facilitators!

At Shiv Nadar University we are always looking for talented researchers who also have a passion for teaching. The University is being built on the philosophy of advancing the state of the art in all disciplines being taught. To fuel such research, the University has invested a vast amount of money to develop best-in-class research labs and in other enabling infrastructure. We do have a very stringent selection process for getting the best students and we invite you to spark their interest in exciting areas of today and tomorrow. We are building the university with the best practices of global education that assures fairness and transparent metrics and a merit based career advancement. We invite the best and the brightest to join us in creating this New Age University. I can assure you that you will receive the best academic environment and encouragement to enjoy a satisfying and rewarding career. 

I look forward to creating a community of educators who are bound together by the shared vision of the University.