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Shiv Nadar
Founder and Chairman - HCL
Shiv Nadar Foundation
Founder and Leadership

Founder & Chairman - HCL, Shiv Nadar Foundation

Shiv Nadar

Shiv Shiv Nadar was born and raised in mofussil Tamil Nadu, in an India awakening to its first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru’s “Tryst with Destiny”. Studying his way through the Indian schooling and graduate system, a scholastically-gifted Nadar confronted both the harsh realities and the opportunities of a struggling Indian state before he saw his first big town, Chennai, at the age of 21. His story is both a reflection of the times he lived in as well as the future that he always dreamt of shaping.

Nadar was part of the elite DCM management trainee system where he met several of the people with whom he was soon to impact an entire industry as a pioneer of modern computing. In 1976, eight young men left DCM to create HCL in a Delhi Barsati “akin to a garage startup” with a compelling vision – that the microprocessor would change the world.

Senior Shiv Nadar University Administrators

Chancellor and Chairperson, Executive Council, Shiv Nadar University

S N Balakrishnan

Dr. S N Balakrishnan, Professor of Aerospace Engineering in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Engineering Mechanics at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, is the chancellor of the Shiv Nadar University and the chairman of the Executive Council. Dr. Balakrishnan also heads IST Rolla, an engineering firm focused on providing clients with the very best in research, development and technology.

Dr. Balakrishnan’s research interests include Control of aerospace and mechanical systems, flight and orbital mechanics, optimization, identification and estimation, numerical methods, stochastic processes, neural networks, wavelets. His major technical contributions include the development of a new closed form suboptimal control for non-linear systems called the theta-D control which approximates solutions to the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations. He has a strong research record in intelligent control and was the first to develop optimal neurocontrollers for systems modeled by partial differential equations and for systems driven by impulse inputs. He has developed optimal control and filters solutions to spacecraft, helicopter, missile, aircraft, manufacturing and MEMs problems using neural networks. He has also developed and implemented optimal temperature profile control, vibration control and aircraft control using neural networks. Dr. Balakrishnan has also formulated a new approach to guidance and control called the Integrated Guidance and Control (IGC) and has shown its success in missile interception problems.

Dr. Balakrishnan is associated with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and Sigma Gamma Tau. He has published numerous papers and guided Post Doctoral and post graduate students at the University. Dr. Balakrishnan holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Vice Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University

Rupamanjari Ghosh

Professor Rupamanjari Ghosh is a researcher, teacher, orator and an academic administrator par excellence. Professor Ghosh has B.Sc.(Physics honors) and M.Sc.(Physics) degrees from the University of Calcutta, and a very well-recognized Ph.D. from the University of Rochester, NY, where she worked as a Rush Rhees Fellow, chosen for "outstanding scholarly ability and the promise of exceptional contributions to scholarship and teaching." Her research interests are in Experimental and Theoretical Quantum Optics, Laser Physics, Nonlinear Optics, and Quantum Information. Her pioneering work with Prof. L. Mandel on two-photon interference (using the nonlinear optical process of spontaneous parametric down-conversion) has yielded a new direction in quantum optics and quantum information, in the creation and use of a source of entangled photon pairs, and of single photons, at the forefront of research today.

Professor Ghosh is a former Dean, School of Physical Sciences at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where she had held many other important academic and administrative positions. She has held several Visiting Faculty / Scientist positions on invitation abroad, and delivered numerous invited research seminars in India and abroad. Recipient of the Stree Shakti Science Samman for her “original contribution to Science”, she serves as an expert in crucial DST (Government of India) committees in Physical Sciences, and in many Central and State universities and institutes. She has also served as the Chief Advisor for the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) Science textbooks for Classes IX and X, developed afresh under the National Curriculum Framework-2005.

Besides her contribution to science research and training from the university to the school level, she is also well known for her stand and efforts to bring in gender justice and environment consciousness in the higher education system.

She joined the Shiv Nadar University in 2012 as the Founding Director of the School of Natural Sciences, with a glowing reference from a Nobel Laureate, and she shaped the vision and mission of the School, which has started drawing attention of the world community in this very short period of time. She also took charge as the Dean of Research & Graduate Studies, the Head of the Faculty Development Center, and more recently, as the Director of the School of Engineering. She has taken over as the Vice-Chancellor of Shiv Nadar University from 1 February 2016.

President, Shiv Nadar University

Rajiv Swarup

Rajiv Swarup is the President, at the Shiv Nadar University heading all support functions such as Admissions, Career Opportunities Cell, Communications, Finance, Human Relations, Information Technology, Administration, Purchase and Campus Infrastructure Development. With nearly four decades of rich & varied experience behind him in incubating, managing and developing both the strategic & operational aspects of large sized businesses, Rajiv recently superannuated from HCL Technologies as Senior Corporate Vice President and Chief Customer Officer – Strategic Accounts based out of Rochester New York. He had a long and fruitful career with HCL spanning over 13 years, working across divisions in different senior capacities, including managing business worth $250 Million and 6000 people, setting up and incubating Software Development Centers around the globe and managing a very large Global Engineering engagement for HCL. Prior to HCL, Rajiv worked with DCM Data Products, Modi Olivetti and different entities of the Modi Group where his career profile has been very diverse and has included R&D, Manufacturing, Procurement, Project Management, Business Development, creating joint ventures and setting up several green field projects, his last assignment before joining HCL was as a CEO of a JV company in the Modi group.

Rajiv is B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and MBA from the University of Delhi, Rajiv is also a certified Six Sigma Green Belt holder.

Director, School of Engineering and Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering.

Prof. J P Gupta

Dr Gupta is Director, School of Engineering and Distinguished Professor in Chemical Engineering. Before joining SNU he was the Founder Director of Rajiv Gandhi Inst. of Petroleum Technology, Rae Bareli; Founder D. G. of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum Univ., Gandhinagar; and Professor and Member Board of Governors IIT Kanpur. Government had deputed him as Science Diplomat at the Embassy of India Washington DC and a Delegate to UN. He has been a Visiting Professor in several universities in USA, UK, Mexico, France, Taiwan and China. He has been conferred Awards by Texas A&M Univ., Inst. of Chemical Engineers (UK) and Distinguished Alumni Award by U. Pennsylvania. He is Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M Univ. He was an Advisor to UNIDO in Argentina. He has worked in several industries in USA. He has a B. Tech. (IIT Kanpur), MSE (U. Michigan) and PhD (U. Pennsylvania). He is on the Editorial Board of several research journals.

Director of School of Extended Education and Professional Development (SEEPD) and School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME)

Shubhro Sen

An entrepreneur, business leader and educator, Dr. Shubhro Sen brings a rich and diverse experience profile to his position as the Founder Director of the School Extended Education and Professional Development (SEEPD) at Shiv Nadar University.

Director of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) and Center for Public Affairs and Critical Theory (C-PACT)

Ajay Dandekar

Ajay Dandekar did his Ph. D from Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi in early nineties. He has worked on the issue of Denotified and Nomadic Communities, and Pastoral Nomadic groups. He has done work on the agrarian crisis and farmers suicides. Lately his research interest has spilled over in the issues of resources and conflict in the tribal heartland and has contributed policy papers and writings on the same.

Registrar, Shiv Nadar University

Sudhir Naudiyal

Mr. Sudhir Naudiyal is a Post Graduate in Commerce, in Education Management and also has a professional Law degree. With a professional experience of 26 years in educational institutions, he has worked in various capacities including HR, Administration, Legal, and Finance & Accounts. Mr. Naudiyal has proven expertise in handling complex issues involved in running educational institutions, specially related to statutory approval process and compliances within the legal framework; essentially covering all aspects of academic administration. He has worked with the Sushant School of Art & Architecture for 22 years as Deputy Registrar, and with Ansal University, Gurgaon as Joint Registrar and Officiating Registrar for 4 years before joining Shiv Nadar University. In Ansal University he played an important role in a training scheme under NEEM (National Employability Enhancement Mission), a Government of India initiative of skill development for providing on the job training to unemployed youth.

Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Shiv Nadar University

Amber Habib

Prof. Habib did his MS (Integrated) in Mathematics at IIT Kanpur and Ph.D. at University of California, Berkeley. These were followed by postdoctoral positions at the Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, and the Bangalore Centre of the Indian Statistical Institute. His research interests are in representation theory and mathematical finance.

For over 15 years, he has been involved in efforts to make mathematics education at the school and college level more interesting and fulfilling through special topics, projects, and an appreciation of the myriad links of mathematics with other disciplines. This began during his time as a teacher at St. Stephen’s College and was his main focus during the years he spent with the Mathematical Sciences Foundation. He has also served several times as resident faculty for the Mathematical Training & Talent Search program sponsored by the National Board for Higher Mathematics.

At Shiv Nadar University, Prof. Habib has relished the opportunity to take part in designing undergraduate and graduate curricula from scratch, as well as in setting up a Department of Mathematics that truly believes in “unity in diversity”. He has been Head of Department since 2013, and began a 2-year term as Dean Undergraduate Studies in September 2015. He has received the SNU Faculty Excellence Award for Excellence in Teaching during 2011-14.

Dean of Students' Welfare, Shiv Nadar University

Tulika Chandra

Tulika Chandra has been actively involved in academics and research for the past 19 years. She is a Ph.D (Linguistics) from JNU, she received an M.A and M Phil degree in Linguistics from JNU. She joined SNU as a founding faculty in 2011 and has been actively involved in varied committees and has been the UG advisor for Department of English. She has a firm belief in gender justice. She has held various administrative positions and has been involved as an editor for in-house magazines and newsletters at the previous workplaces. She takes sessions as a story-teller to the young juveniles who are in conflict with law and also to those children who are residing at the various children shelter homes in Delhi. She is also a folklore collector and is working on an active project: 'Documentation of Folktales through Digitization'. Her publications include books, book chapters and articles published in journals. She is in the process of translating folktales and folksongs from Braj language & Hindi into English. She is also involved in transcription and editing folktales for an Anthology. Dr. Chandra has worked on the Project: “Acoustic Analysis of Speech Sounds of Various Cases of Defects”, sponsored by ICMR, New Delhi. She was involved in research on the Kurukh Tribals of Jharkhand, Her area of interest is in the field of Translation Studies, Regionalism and Narratives in Folklore, Folkloristics, and English Language Teaching.

She has a background of developing and implementing programs for students who are second-language learners. She has designed and taught courses based on the student needs. She has received the SNU Faculty Excellence Award for outstanding commitment and dedication to the advancement of Shi Nadar University during 2011-14.

She believes in developing innovative ways of classroom teaching so that the students are able to use their knowledge effectively in all walks of life. She aims to make students confident in generating and organizing their ideas in such a way that they become proficient in translating their thoughts into words.

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