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Department of Physics
Swadesh Mitter Mahajan
Distinguished Visiting Professor,
Department of Physics,
School of Natural Sciences
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Education Details
BSc, MSc, Delhi University, India.
Doctorate, University of Maryland at College Park, MD (1973)

Professional Experience
  • Post doctoral fellow- PPPL, Princeton University 73-75, 76-77
  • Scientist, Bhabha Atomic Res. Centre, India 75-76,
  • Professor, Institute for Fusion Studies, The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Director, Plasma Physics Activity at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy,
  • Consulting Professor, IPR, and Homi Bhabha University, Mumbai India
Research Interests
  • Plasma Theory - non-relativistic and relativistic plasmas, quantum plasmas, High energy density systems.
  • Fusion - Tokamak Physics (Core and Edge), Anomalous transport , Reactor designs
  • Fission, Fusion-Fission
  • Collective phenomena, Linear and Nonlinear Waves,
  • Plasma and Fluid Turbulence, Dynamo Theories
  • Nonlinear field theories, Nonlinear quantum mechanics
  • Solar (Stellar) physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Origin of Magnetic Fields /Vorticity in Astrophysical -Cosmic settings
  • Universities, Growth of Science, thought in general.
Select Publications
  • D.W. Ross and S.M. Mahajan, Phys. Rev. Letters 40, 324-327 (1978).
  • S.M. Mahajan, R.D. Hazeltine, H.R. Strauss and D.W. Ross, Phys. Rev. Letters 41, 1375-1378 (1978)
  • S.M. Mahajan, Phys. Fluids 27 (1), 2238-2247 (1984)
  • V.I. Berezhiani and S.M. Mahajan, Phys. Rev. Lett. 73, 1837-1840 (1994), Phys. Rev. E. 52 (2), 1968-1979 (1995)
  • S. M. Mahajan and Z. Yoshida, Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 4863-67(1998)
  • S.M. Mahajan, R. Miklazewski, K. Nikolskaya,and N.. Shatashvili, Phys. Plasmas 8(4), 1340-1356 (2001)
  • S.M.Mahajan, Phys. Rev.Lett. 90 (3), 035001-4 (2003)
  • S.M.Mahajan, PRL100, 075001(2008)
  • M. Kotschenreuther, P. Valanju, S. M. Mahajan, and E.A.Schneider, FED 84(2009) 83-88, P. Valanju, M.Kotschenreuther, and S. Mahajan, FED 85(2010) 46-52
  • S.M.Mahajan, and Z.Yoshida, PRL 105, 095005 (2010)
  • S.M.Mahajan, and F. Asenjo, PRL 105, 195003 (2011)
  • Stefanie Braun, Felipe A. Asenjo, and Swadesh M. Mahajan, PRL 109, 175003 (2012)
  • M. Kotschenreuther, P. Valanju, B. Covele, and S. Mahajan, Phys. Plasmas 20, 102507 (2013)
  • S. M. Mahajan , G. Machabeli, Z. Osmanov & N. Chkheidze, Nature Science Reports, 3 : 1262 (2013)
  • S.M. Mahajan , F. A. Asenjo, Int J Theor Phys__DOI 10.1007/s10773-01
  • A variety of conceptual papers, developing the concept of a world class research university in India
National and International Recognition
  • Lead author of one of the hundred most influential papers selected for the Hundred Year Commemorative Volume (1995) of The Physical Review/Letters: Phys. Rev. Letters 41, 1375-1378 (1978)
  • A relatively recent article “Twisting Space –Time: Relativistic Origin of Seed Magnetic Field and Vorticity”, S.M.Mahajan, and Z.Yoshida, PRL 105, 095005 (2010) was highlighted by PRL editors and has been written about in the APS magazines and popular science press.
  • Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society (1987)
  • Elected Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences (1991).
  • Director, Plasma Physics Activity at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy,
  • IAEA consultant on Volumetric neutron Sources
  • Awarded US Patent on the invention of a SuperX-divertor, a sine qua non for high power density neutron sources including viable fusion reactors.
  • Co-Inventor of a compact, modular, Fusion-Fission Hybrid reactor (US patent). Extensively interviewed and written on in the world press. The UT design, made possible by inventions and innovations of a group led by SMM, opens a channel for fusion to play a near-term role on the nuclear energy scene (see for instance, Nature | Vol. 460 | 2 July 2009)
  • Visiting Professorship at institutes and universities throughout the world- Europe, Japan, India, Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil.
  • Invited for giving colloquia and public lectures worldwide, particularly, on the concepts and innovations that have led to the UT design of a Fusion Fission Hybrid, with the promise of green and abundant nuclear energy.
Executive Summary
Professor Mahajan is an eminent, versatile and prolific physicist with major contributions to theoretical as well as to applied physics. In addition to being the inventor of the “Nonlinear quantum mechanics” of fluidons, of the Global Alfven Waves, of the Magneto -Fluid relaxed states, of the Dynamo-Reverse Dynamo Mechanism for generating vorticity/magnetic fields, of the novel flow-based theory of the solar wind and the solar coronal heating, and the author of the Magneto-Fluid Unification of charged fluids, the creator of the first fluid theory of the relativistic quantum plasmas, and the first to investigate the large scale structure formation in the plasma era of the universe, he is the Co-inventor of a highly innovative magnetic field geometry, called the Super-X-Divertor, a sine qua non for all high power density fusion sources. The University of Texas group, under his guidance, has designed a compact Fusion-Fission Hybrid reactor that combines the best of fission and fusion to create a near-term implementable nuclear energy economy that is both green and sustainable. Both the Super-X-Divertor and the Fusion-Fission Hybrid have been awarded US patents, and extensively reviewed in the world press.
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