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Department of Physics
Bijan Kumar Bagchi
UGC Emeritus Fellow,
Department of Physics,
School of Natural Sciences
Email Contact:
Education Details
Ph.D. in 1980 from the University of Calcutta
Professional Experience
Professor in Applied Mathematics, University of Calcutta, 1998-2015.
Research Interests
  1. Algebraic and Analytic Methods in Quantum Mechanics
  2. Quantum Mechanics with Non-Hermitian Operators
  3. Superintegrable systems
  4. Nonlinear Dynamical systems
Select Publications
  1. Rational extensions of trigonometric Poschl-Teller potential based on para-Jacobi polynomials (B.Bagchi, Y. Grandati and C. Quesne) Journal of Mathematical Physics 56: 062103 (2015).

  2. New 1-step extension of the Swanson oscillator and superintegrability of its twodimensional generalization (B.Bagchi and I. Marquette) Physics Letters A379:1584 (2015).

  3. On Generalized Lienard oscillator and momentum dependent mass (B. Bagchi, A. Ghose Choudhury and P. Guha) Journal of Mathematical Physics 56: 012015 (2015).

  4. A generalized Swanson Hamiltonian in a second-derivative pseudo-supersymmetric framework B.Bagchi, A. Banerjee and P. Mandal) International Journal of Modern Physics A30: 15500337 (2015).

  5. Tracking down localized modes in PT-symmetric Hamiltonians under the influence of a competing nonlinearity (B.Bagchi, S. Modak and P.K.Panigrahi) Acta Polytechnica 54: 79 (2014).

  6. Comments on the structural features of Pais-Uhlenbeck oscillator (B.Bagchi, A. Ghose Choudhury and P. Guha) Modern Physics Letters A28:1375001 (2013).

  7. Nonlinear dynamics of a position-dependent mass-driven Duffing-type oscillator B.Bagchi, S.Das, S.Ghosh and S.Poria) Journal of Physics A46: 032001 (2013 FTC).

  8. Competing PT-potentials and re-entrant PT-symmetric phase for a particle in a box (Y.Joglekar and B.Bagchi) Journal of Physics A45: 402001 (2012 FTC).

  9. PT-symmetry breaking in complex nonlinear wave equations and their deformations (A. Fring, A. Cavaglia and B.Bagchi) Journal of Physics A44: 325201 (2011).

  10. Existence of different intermediate Hamiltonians in Type A N-fold supersymmetry II: The N = 3 case (B.Bagchi and T.Tanaka) Annals of Physics 325 1679 (2010).
Book written entitled Supersymmetry in Quantum and Classical Mechanics published by Chapman and Hall/CRC, Florida, USA, 2000.
National & International Recognition:
Held Visiting Professorships at Physique Nucléaire Théorique et Physique Mathématique, University of Libre, Brussels, City University, London, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan , Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, Indiana 46202, USA, School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Queensland, Australia.
Recent Conferences/Workshops attended
  1. 11th international conference on Analytic and Algebraic Methods in Physics, Prague in October 30-November 01, 2013.
  2. International Workshop on Pesudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians at Setif, Algeria in September 05-10, 2014.
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