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Pavitra Mishra
Assistant Professor
Organizational Behavior and Management
School of Management and Entrepreneurship
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Education Details
Fellow in Management, Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon, India
Master of Arts (Human Resource Development and Management) from Allahabad Central University, Allahabad (May, 2005)
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, English Language) from C.S.J.M, Kanpur University, Kanpur (May, 2003)
Professional Experience
Senior HR Executive, SCA Technologies India Private Limited, Gurgaon (June ‘07 - March 2008)

Academic Associate, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad (July ‘06 - June ’07)

Academic Associate, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (June ’05 - June ’06)
Select Publications
Mishra, P. & Gupta, R. (2010). “ABC Energy Limited: Culture and Formalization”, Product No. W11041-PDF-ENG, Richard Ivey School of Business Case Study, Publication Date March 14, 2011. The case won third Position in Case Competition organized by Ivey-ISB in 2010, It is also available on Harvard Business School Case Studies

Mishra, P. (2010, July-Dec). Book Review. [Review of the book Positive Organizational Behavior by D. Nelson & C.L. Cooper]. Business Archives, Vol-I (II)

Mishra, P. & Bhatnagar, J. (2012). “Appreciative inquiry: Models and applications. The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations”, 47 (3), pp: 543-558

Mishra, P., & Gupta, R. (2014). “Human resource management challenges of a growing organization”, Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management, 3 (3), pp: 1-9

Mishra, P., Gupta, R., & Bhatnagar, J. (2014). “Grounded theory research: Exploring work-family enrichment in an emerging economy”, Qualitative Research Journal, 14 (3), pp: 289-306

Sundaram, S.S., & Mishra, P. (2014). “Setting-up schools of excellence: Role of public private partnership in emerging economy”, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, 4 (5), pp: 1-18

Mishra, P. (2014). “A grounded theory study on family-to-work enrichment: Exploring links with family resources, community resources, work-role salience and psychological capital”, South Asian Journal of Global Business Research, 4 (1), pp. 45-67
Mishra, P. Doctoral journey of a management scholar: A viewpoint. Accepted in Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective

Mishra, P., Bhatnagar, J., Gupta, R., & MacDermid, S.W. Innovative work behavior: Linking work-family enrichment, supervisor support and psychological capital. Manuscript submitted for publication (Under Review)

Mishra, P., Bhatnagar, J., Gupta, R. (2013). Role of psychological capital in the relationship between work-to-family enrichment, family-to-work enrichment and innovative work behaviour.” Paper presented in 3rd Indian Academy of Management Conference, December 12 – 14, 2013 in IIM Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad

Mishra, P., & Gupta, R. (2012). Human resource policy dilemma at a young organization: Case of ABCEL. Paper presented in 12th International Human Resource Management Conference, December 10 – 13, 2012 in MDI Gurgaon

Mishra, P. (2012). Mixed Methodology: A bridge between qualitative and quantitative research. Paper presented in Symposium: ‘Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research’ at 12th International Human Resource Management Conference, December 10 – 13, 2012 in MDI Gurgaon

Mishra, P., Gupta, R. & Bhatnagar, J. (2012). Exploring moderating influence of community resources and individual strategies on work-family interface. Paper presented in Inaugural Work and Family Researchers Network, June 14 -16, 2012 in New York City

Mishra, P., Gupta, R. & Bhatnagar, J. (2011). Work-Family enrichment: Exploring the phenomenon through grounded theory. Paper presented in 2nd Indian Academy of Management Conference, December 18 – 20, 2011 in IIM Bangalore, Bengaluru

Mishra P. (2004). Globalization led shifts in the job opportunities. Indian Academy of Social Sciences, Allahabad (Ref: Social Sciences Abstract, Volume XXVIII, 2004) in Allahabad
Newspaper Article
Mishra, Pavitra. (2014, April 28). The Business of Research. Times of India [Mumbai], p: 4.
National and International Recognition
Member of organizing committee for Global Conference on Managing in Recovering Markets, 5th-7th March, 2014 at MDI, Gurgaon

Member of organizing committee for 12th Conference on International Human Resource Management: Dream, Discover, Dare, Innovations in the Global Village: Role of International HRM, 10th-12th December, 2012 at MDI, Gurgaon

Member of organizing committee for National Seminar on Building HR Competence to Meet New Challenges, 6th -7th February, 2004 at Allahabad Central University, Allahabad

Attended a workshop on ‘Case Writing and Case Teaching’ organized by Ivey-MDI held on Wednesday 24th to Saturday 27th November, 2010, at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

Attended a workshop on ‘Research Methods’ held on Friday, 23rd November, 2012, at Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
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Research Postgraduate Undergraduate
Humanities & Social Sciences
Postgraduate Undergraduate
Management and Entrepreneurship
I-Global MBA – 2018-20
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