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Majors and an Advanced Specialization Overlay

SME encourages its students to choose an area of specialization based on their interest and career trajectory. The primary specializations offered in the MBA programme are Marketing, Strategic Management, Finance, Human Resources Management and Operations Management. In addition to the chosen primary specialization, students are encouraged to build their knowledge and skills by choosing elective courses for an Advanced Specialization in the following:
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership: Entrepreneurship education is in the DNA of Shiv Nadar University. Students are offered core courses on Design Thinking and Innovation, Starting and Managing New Ventures. Elective courses offered on creating and launching New Ventures focus on giving an entrepreneurial orientation to everyone and nurturing the entrepreneurial DNA.

  • Quantitative Finance: Students are trained in the area of Quantitative Finance and can deepen their learning with Elective courses such as Business Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring, Options and Derivatives and Raising Capital.

  • E-commerce, Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Management: Few businesses can flourish today without an active digital presence. E-commerce and digital marketing have become all pervasive and managing customer "experience" comprehensively has become the new standard for success. Understanding customers deeply, exceeding their expectations and providing life-time value is a necessity to be a preferred brand SME offers various courses and workshops to develop comprehensive 'experience mapping', deploy the best digital tools & platforms and orchestrate integrated campaigns.

  • Big Data, Data Visualization and Analytics: Predictive Analytics and Data Mining are a significant key to competitive advantage. With elective courses on Big Data, Data Visualization, Predictive Business Analytics and Decision Theory, students can build skill sets that will make them highly sought-after in the market.

  • Sustainability and Environmental Management: Sustainability and environmental management are going to be the cornerstones of tomorrow's successful businesses. SME is planning to launch courses and workshops to fulfill this requirement for the I-Global MBA program. University also features a vanguard Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering that will be a big asset for students pursuing this specialization.

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