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  • Dr. Rashmi Dube Bhatnagar, Professor Department of English wins MLA (Modern Language Association) elections.

    Based in the US, the Modern Language Association (MLA) is the premier international disciplinary body for scholars in English. Dr. Rashmi Dube Bhatnagar has received recognition from MLA for her international reputation; she has been elected for a multi-year term to the MLA. Her election is part and parcel of the international profile of Shiv Nadar. Students joining SNU who take courses with Dr. Bhatnagar will benefit from the wealth of networking opportunities that Dr. Bhatnagar’s tenure at MLA affords. What is trending in dissertation topics? What are the new fields where jobs are opening up? Where can you get the latest books at MLA Book Exhibition? What are the latest debates? What is this year’s field specific jargon and which jargon is “so last year”? Just ask Dr. Bhatnagar.

  • May - 2014:

  • Field Trip to the Dilli Haat to translate the questionnaire taken at Dilli Haat and report the problems in translating a survey report, 3rd May.

  • The Daily Riyaaz Poetry Reading with visiting and SNU poets, 2nd May (Visit: )

  • Translation Workshop by Professor Harish Narang, 1st May

  • April - 2014:

  • Poetry Reading by the popular Indian poet Hoshang Merchant organized by The Department of English in collaboration with the SNU Queer Collective, 25th April.

  • Launch of The Freewheeler, the student literary magazine, 8th April (Visit: )

  • March - 2014:

  • Poetry and short-fiction Reading by the Kashmiri writer Masrat Maqbool, 26th March.

  • Talk by Dr. Anannya Dasgupta on "'That which we call a rose,' or Shakespeare's Rhetoric of Flowers', 14th March.

  • Talk by Sri Lankan feminist-activist Priya Thangarajah on ‘Women’s Movements in Post-War Sri Lanka’, 5th March.

  • Field Trip to the National Museum to study the evolution of the script of a few Indo-Aryan languages from Ancient to Modern, 8th March.

  • Talk by Sri Lankan feminist-activist Priya Thangarajah on ‘Women’s Movements in Post-War Sri Lanka’, 5th March.

  • February - 2014:

  • Technical Writing Workshop on 'How to write Statement of Purpose', 'How to write the right a Résumé ', & 'How to write a Project-proposal' respectively, 13th, 20th and 27th February.

  • November - 2013

  • Anannya Dasgupta, ‘Scripting Evil: Scripture and Theodicy in Christopher Marlowe’s Faustus’

  • October - 2013

  • Dr. Divya Saksena, Women and War: Active and Passive Presentations

  • September - 2013

  • Dr. Tulika Chandra: Documentation of Folktales through Digitization.

  • September - 2013

  • English department's Faculty Research Series 2013-2014.

    Dr. Gatha Sharma “Indian Defense Strategies in the Wake of 2014 NATO Troops Withdrawal” at Shiv Nadar University on 12 September 2013

  • Transcending divides by Vikram Kapur, Associate Professor, Department of English, SNU - The Hindu | September 16, 2013 -

  • April - 2013

  • The English Department organized a one-day educational trip for the Undergraduate students to the National Museum as part of the course ‘Development of Languages’ on 26 April 2013. Dr Tulika Chandra, Associate Professor, English, Shiv Nadar University accompanied the students. The students were also excited to visit the National Museum and learn about the evolution of language as an important tool of communication.

  • The department was also instrumental in starting the SNU Newsletter which was formally launched by Roshni Nadar

    Roshni Nadar (centre) with the SNU Newsletter team

  • February - 2012

  • Dr Tulika Chandra and Dr Gatha Sharma organised the Dickens Corner to celebrate Charles Dickens's two hundredth birth anniversary - 7th February 2012

    Dickens Corner at SNU

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