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Department of Economics
Anuj Bhowmik
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics,
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Education Details
Ph.D., Auckland University of Technology, 2013
M.Sc. (Pure Mathematics), University of Calcutta, 2007
B.Sc. (Mathematics), University of Calcutta, 2005
Professional Experience
Assistant Professor, Shiv Nadar University, July 2016-present
Lecturer-Cum-Post Doctoral Fellow, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, May 2013-July 2016
Tutor/Lecturer, Auckland University of Technology 2010-12
Research Assistant, Auckland University of Technology Dec-Feb (2009, 2011-13)
Junior Research Fellow, University of Calcutta 2008-2009
Research Interests
General Equilibrium Theory, Asymmetric Information, Game Theory and its applications, Social Choice Theory, Public Economics, Mathematical Finance, Corporate Finance
Select Publications
work in progress
[13] A. Bhowmik, B. Ju, M. Mitra, Primary needs satisfaction and the market economy

[12] A. Bhowmik, R. Chatterjee, S. Chattopadhyay, Auctioning CO2 emission permit in an oligopolistic industry

Discussion Papers
[11] A. Bhowmik, J. Cao, The core and rational expectations equilibria of mixed economies with asymmetric information

[10] A. Bhowmik, F. Centrone, A. Martellotti, Coalitional extreme desirability infinitely additive economies with asymmetric information

[9] S. Roychoudhury, A. Bhowmik, S. Chattopadhyay, Innovation, governance and competition, MPRA Paper No. 61557, http://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/61557/

Published papers
[8] A. Bhowmik, J. Cao, Rational expectations equilibria: existence and representation, Economic Theory Bulletin, 2016, DOI 10.1007/s40505-016-0103-2

[7] A. Bhowmik, Core and coalitional fairness: the case of information sharing rules, Economic Theory 60 (2015), 461-494

[6] A. Bhowmik, M.G. Graziano, On Vind's theorem for an economy with atoms and infinitely many commodities, Journal of Mathematical Economics 56 (2015), 26-36

[5] A. Bhowmik, J. Cao, N.C. Yannelis, Aggregate preferred correspondence and the existence of a maximin REE, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 414 (2014), 29-45

[4] A. Bhowmik, J. Cao, On the core and Walrasian expectations equilibrium in infinite dimensional commodity spaces, Economic Theory 53 (2013), 537-560

[3] A. Bhowmik, J. Cao, Robust efficiency in mixed economies with asymmetric information, Journal of Mathematical Economics 49 (2013), 49-57

[2] A. Bhowmik, J. Cao, Blocking efficiency in an economy with asymmetric information, Journal of Mathematical Economics 48 (2012), 396-403

[1] A. Bhowmik, E-continuous selections of upper E-continuous set-valued mappings, Questions and Answers in General Topology 27 (2009), 61-66
National and International Recognition
Referee for Economic Theory, Economic Theory Bulletin, Journal of Global Optimization and Journal of Mathematical Economics

Invited Talk on “Edgeworth equilibria: separable and non-separable commodity spaces”, The Inaugural Australasian PhD Workshop in Economics, University of Queensland, May 24, 2013

Invited Talk on “Blocking efficiency in economies with asymmetric information”, International Conference on Frontiers of Mathematical Sciences with Applications, Calcutta Mathematical Society, December 7-9, 2012

SCMS Contestable Research Grant for the project “Rational Expectations Equilibrium of Asymmetric Information Economies", Auckland University of Technology, January- February 2013

Dean's Award of Excellence for outstanding performance in postgraduate studies in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Auckland University of Technology, 2012

A grant from the faculty of Design and Creative Technologies for the project “Equilibrium Analysis of Economic Systems with Differential Information", Auckland University of Technology, December 2011- February 2012

Summer Research Assistantship Award from School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Auckland University of Technology, December 2009- February 2010

Graduate Assistantship Scholarship, Auckland University of Technology, 2009-2012

Junior Research Fellowship under CSIR Fellowship Scheme and Eligible for Lectureship,2007
Executive Summary
My research interests broadly lie in the area of General Equilibrium Theory, Asymmetric Information, Game Theory, Social Choice, Public Economics, Mathematical Finance and Corporate Finance. Although most of papers have been published in the area of General Equilibrium Theory and Asymmetric Information, I am very much interested to explore my research in other areas as well. I have paid academic visits to a number of reputed institutes in India and abroad for presenting papers at conferences and pursuing collaborative research activities over the past few years. My teaching areas are Mathematical Economics, Econometrics, Microeconomics, Game Theory, Social Choice, Public Economics, Mathematical Finance and Corporate Finance. In the past three years, I was also actively involved in teaching Microeconomics I and II at Master level at Economic Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute.
Postgraduate Undergraduate
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Humanities & Social Sciences
Postgraduate Undergraduate
Management and Entrepreneurship
I-Global MBA – 2017-19
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