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Department of Art Design and Performing Arts
Amit Ray
Advisor to the Dean of Students' Welfare
Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Education Details
Ph .D - The University of Georgia (UGA), Athens, GA, USA
M.F.A - The Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, Ill. USA
Post-Diploma - Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S University, Baroda, India
Diploma in Fine Arts- Kala-Bhavana, V.B University, Santiniketan, India
Professional Experience
Teaching - 35 years
(2008 - 2011) Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design & Manufacturing Jabalpur, India
(2008 - 1978) Professor, Emeritus Fellow at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
New Courses Developed (Undergraduate): 11
New Course Developed (P.G): 12
Thesis Guidance: Ph. D. (02); M. Tech/M. Des. (22); B. Tech (UG) - 06
Research Interests
Curriculum Development, Emotion in Design, Colour & Emotion, Art & Design, Environmental Design, Design and Aesthetics, Product Design
Sponsored Projects: 14
Consultancy - 24
Environmental Design, Environmental Research & Product Development: 22+31+22
Organized Workshops under Quality Improvement Program (QIP): 02
Workshop for the SIDBI - 01
Workshop for the Directorate of Industries, UP - 01
Exhibitions of Art Work: 13 (Juried), 27 (group shows in India and Abroad)
Mural Design: 08 major mural walls in the City of Chicago (1975 - 73), USA and 03 in India
Major Research Projects
2007 May 2011 March - Project Title: 'Carpet Dedusting and Carpet Washing Machine' Funded by: The Ministry of Textile (Handicraft Commission), New Delhi Amount: Rs.12, 89,000 (Completed)

2006 June - 2008 June - Project Title: 'CAD Based Software for the Indian Carpet Industries' Funded by: Media- Lab Asia, New Delhi Amount: Rs. 11, 1000 (Completed) Principle Investigator

2005 August - Project Title: 'CAD software development of Indian Faces' Funded by: SIDBI, IIT Kanpur (completed) Amount: Rs. 40,000.00 Principal Investigator

2004 October - Project Title: 'Design & Development of Lightweight Tent for the Indian Army' Funded by: DMSRDE (DRDO) Lab, G.T. Road, Kanpur, India Amount: Rs. 7, 00,000 Principle Investigator

2004 September - 2005 August, 'Design and Development of a Hydraulic Mobility Device for the Disabled' (Completed) Funded by: SIDBI, IIT Kanpur Amount: Rs.25, 000.00 Principle Investigator

2004 January - 2005 July, Project Title: 'Computer Aided Design for Furnishing' (Completed) Funded by: Department of Village Industry, State of Chhattisgarh, India Amount: Rs. 5,00,000 Principle Investigator

2003 July - 2005 August- Project Title: Undergraduate Design Curriculum Development Art & Design Studio Modernization Project (Completed) Funded by: Ministry of Human Resources, New Delhi Amount: Rs. 12, 00, 000 Principle Investigator

2003 Oct. - 2004 July - Project Title: Animation Film on Traffic Rules & Regulation for High School Children (completed) Funded by: SIDBI- Innovation & Incubation Centre, I.I.T. Kanpur Amount: Rs. 31,000 Principle Investigator

2003 Oct. - Project Title: Automatic Headlight Deeper (completed) Funded by: SIDBI- Innovation & Incubation Centre, I.I.T. Kanpur Amount: Rs. 51, 000.00 Principle Investigator

2003 July - Project Title: Electro-thermal Jacket (completed) Funded by ALIMCO, Kanpur Amount: Rs. 65,000.00 Principle Investigator

2002 March - Project Title: Heart Valve Design in polymer, collaboration with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi Funded by Directorate of Material Science & Research Development (DMSRDE), Kanpur, Amount: Rs. 5, 00,000, Co-investigator

2002 Jan. 2003 June - Craft Revival Project (Lucknow-Chikan fabric embroidery), under the Media Lab-Asia in collaboration with the Media Lab- MIT, USA (completed) Amount: Rs. 14,00, 000, Principle Investigator

2001-2002, Project Title: Development of 'Saddle-Tree' Using Polymer Composites Funded by the National Leather Development Programme, Ministry of Industry, New Delhi (Co-investigator) Amount: Rs. 5,00,000 (completed); Co-investigator
Select Publications
Papers Published in Journals/ Juried Conference Proceedings

Amit Ray (2013 March), 'Liberal Design Education A Multidisciplinary Approach', Designing Design Education for India Conference, Pune, India (March 13-15, 2013)

Pratap K. S., Bruder Ralph, Amit Ray (Nov. 2010), 'Joy of Use in Automotive touch screen UI for the Driver', Second Intern' Conference on Automotive User Interface & Interactive Vehicle Application (Automotive UI 2010), Nov. 11-12, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (proceedings)

Amit Ray (2009), 'The Role of Environmental Ethics in the National Product Design Policy', Sthapati (An Annual Architecture Magazine), IIT Kharagpur, Department of Architecture & Regional Planning, India, pp.12-16

Amit Ray (2008 December), Cultural Diversity the Source of Inspiration, DesignEd 2008 International Conference on Design as Inspiration, Hong Kong, December 9-10, 2008

Amit Ray & Adil A. Ahmed (2007 December), Cognition, Affect & Emotion in Design, 17th Annual Conference of National Academy of Psychology (India), I.I.T. Kanpur

Amit Ray (2007 December), Liberal Design Education: A Humane Approach International Conference on Design Curriculum Development (DesignEd Asia 2007) December 10-11, 2007, Hong Kong

Amit Ray (2005) Design Paradigm: A New Approach in Ergonomic Studies, International Ergonomics Conference, Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati December 10-12, 2005, (proceedings)

Amit Ray (2005) 'Participatory Governance: Addressing the Problem of Rising Groundwater Level in Cities' to be published in Journal of Human Ecology, Vol. 18, No.4 Sept. 2005 Issue, New Delhi

Amit Ray (2004) Conflict in Urban Development and Globalization Policy in Developing Countries, presented in the 11th International Planning History Society Conference at Barcelona, Spain, July 14-17, 2004

Amit Ray (2002 July), Utilitarian Approach in Democratic Planning System, abstract 10th International Planning History Conference, London July 10-13, 2002

Amit Ray (2002), Golden Rule: A Dialogue for Improving Man and Nature Relationship, Man and Life Journal, A Journal of the Institute of Social Research and Applied Anthropology, Calcutta; Vol.28 Nos. 1-2 Jan-June, 2002; pp.105-121

Amit Ray (2001), Symbolism in Primitive Art, The Eastern Anthropological Journal, Ethnographic & Folk Culture Society, Lucknow, India; Vol. 54: No. 1 pp. 17-33; Jan- March 2001

Amit Ray (2000), The Issue of Creativity in Design, Direction the Newsletter of I.I.T. Kanpur, Vol. 3, Number 4, July 2000

Amit Ray (1999), The Role of Community Participation and Governance in the Problem of Rising Groundwater Level in Cities, 2nd International Conference on “Ground Water Level Control In Urban Areas”, Mansoura University, Egypt, Nov. 7-8, 1999


Amit Ray (2005), Forest Management in India: Contradictions & Complexity, Desai Mamata & Raha M.K. (Ed.), Dying Earth (an Anthology), Calcutta: ACB Publications & Netaji Institute of Asian Studies; pp.305-314

Amit Ray (1998) Rabindranath Tagore's Vision of Ecological Harmony, George A. James (Ed.), Center for Environmental Philosophy, U. of N.Texas, Denton, Texas, U.S.A.; Ethical Perspectives on Environmental Issues in India (anthology); Pub: New Delhi: A.P.H. Publishing Corporation, 5, Ansari Rd. Darya Ganj; Nov.1998

Amit Ray (Ed.) 1990 Design, Aesthetics & Environment (An anthology), QIP short-term-course, IIT Kanpur, India

Amit Ray 1988 (Ed) Design & Aesthetics (An anthology), QIP Workshop, IIT K
National and International Recognition
2012 Erasmus Mundus Fellow at CIMET, France

2012 - Invited to deliver lecture at IAD (Institute of Ergonomics), Darmstadt TU, Germany, May 1-3, 2012

2012 - Awarded "Erasmus Mundus Fellowship” for non-EU Scholars' Fellowship to teach and collaborate in research in the field of Color in Design from March - April 30th at CIMET, University Jean Monnet, Faculty of Science& Technology-Carnot Campus Bat. B, 18 rue Professeur Lauras, F-42000 SAINT-ETIENNE, France

2011 - Invited lecture on 'Indian Tradition: A Cross-cultural Heritage', IDC, IIT Bombay, Nov. 9th 2011

2011 - Invited lecture on 'Minimalism: Is It A Market Oriented Solution', Design Programme, IIT Kanpur, Oct. 23rd 2011

2011 - Invited to supervise ongoing Graduate Student projects June-July, 2011 at Institute of Ergonomics, Darmstadt TU, Germany

2010 - Invited to deliver Lecture and Guiding Ph. D thesis (June 2010) at Institute of Ergonomics, Darmstadt TU, Germany

2010 - Invited for collaboration in Sustainable Design at Design Department at Delft TU, The Netherlands and Environmental Policy and Studies at Utrecht University, The Netherlands (June 2010)

2009 - '11 June - 'Visitor's Nominee', IIT Bombay for three Years for the faculty selection

2009 - Invited 'Lead Speaker' and Chairperson at the International Ergonomics Conference of Humanizing Work & Work Environment (HWWE), Dec. 17-19, 2009, Calcutta, India

2009 - Paper Reviewer DesignEd 2008 International Conference, Hong Kong December 01-02,

2009 - Member, International Programme Committee- ICoRD '09, IISC Bangalore January 7-9, 2009

2009 - Paper Reviewer- International Conference on Research in to Design (ICoRD'09), IISC Bangalore January 7-9, 2009

2008 - Moderator DesignEd 2008 Hong Kong December 9-10, 2008 International Conference on Design as Inspiration

2008 - Paper Reviewer DesignEd 2008 Hong Kong December 9-10 International Conference on 'Design as Inspiration'

2006 - Distinguished Teacher Award (Best Teacher), I.I.T. Kanpur

2005 May - May 2006 Head, Design Programme, I.I.T. Kanpur

2004 - Chair, Planning & Environment Session, 11th International Planning History Society Conference on Planning Models and Culture of Cities, July 14-17, 2004, Barcelona, Spain

2003 - Invited to deliver lecture seminar at the Utrecht University Environmental Law & Policy Department, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2003 - Blindman's Walking Cane reported in the Times of India, Lucknow (front page) and Delhi, Bombay, Madras, Calcutta on April 24 and April 25, 2003 respectively.

2003 - Star News Channel interview broadcasted Blindman's Walking Cane, June 4, 2003

2003 - Blindman's Walking Cane was telecast in Star News Channel, on June 3th, 4th, 5th 2003

2003 - Toy for the Spastic Children product was sited in Times of India, N. Delhi on April 28, 2003

2003 - LPG Weighing Machine was sighted in Times of India, Lucknow on May 8, 2003

2003 - Invited to deliver series of Seminar Lectures at the Department of Environmental Science, Utrecht University, The Netherlands from May 11-18, 2003

2001 - Member, Advisory Board, International Institute of Saddlery Technology & Management, Kanpur, Govt of U.P, India

1999 - Awarded Visiting Fellowship under Indo-Dutch Program on Alternative Development to visit The Netherlands for presenting seminar/lecture in the Department of Environmental Science, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Outstanding Instructor, I.I.T. Kanpur 2003 - '06 '05'04, '02,'00, '99,'98, '97, '96, '95 Semester I,

Outstanding Instructor, I.I.T. Kanpur 2003 -'04, '02,'99, 98,'97,'96,'95,'94 Semester II,
Executive Summary
The Lemelson Foundation, 721 NW Ninth Avenue, Suite 225, Portland, OR 97209, USA a major funding agency for design initiatives has recognized the Art & Design Studio at IIT Kanpur as the model for the rest of the country. The foundation in May 2004 mentioned in their report, "...that we would like to explore replication of Dr. Amit Ray's work in Kanpur (for the rest of the country)".

The 'Distinguished Teacher Award' in 2006 at IIT Kanpur was the culmination of a long 32 years of teaching, curriculum development and the research work at IIT Kanpur. A teacher, who has never constricted his intellectual horizon, firmly believes that ‘excellence’ can only be pursued through keeping in touch with emotional and academic needs of the students. Needless to say that, the recognition has been my driving force all along. To quote a famous mind, “I touch the future. I teach.”
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