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Department of Chemical Engineering
Sanjeev Yadav
Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
School of Engineering
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Education Details
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi, 2013
M.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, USA, 2007
B. Tech in Pulp & Paper Engineering, IIT Roorkee, 2001
Professional Experience
Lecturer in Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology, Aug2007-Dec.2007
Research Associate in ITS Gurgaon, March 2001 to May 2003
Research Interests
Process optimization, Pulp and paper technology, Bio-energy and environment
Research Grant
Young Scientist start up grant, Science & Engineering research board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, 2016-2019(Principal Investigator) (in progress).
Amount: Rs. 32 Lakhs

Young Scientist Grant, Council of Science & Technology, Department of Science and Technology-UP, Government of UP, 2015-2018 (Principal Investigator) (in progress)
Amount: Rs. 10,50,000/-
Select Publications
Tinwala, F., Joshi, A.K., Yadav, S., and Mohanty, P. Thermo-chemical conversion of sawdust through in-situ quenching of pyro-vapor for green fuel. Industrial crops and products, 2015, 97, 560-564.

Yadav, S., Hima, A, S. Old corrugated cardboard (OCC) based recycle paper mill waste water treatment by coupling of coagulation-flocculation and coagulation-adsorption: A comparative study. 10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, France, 27 Sept-1 Oct, 2015 (Accepted).

Yadav, S. Optimization model for Short-term scheduling of lube-oil production process. International Journal of Chemical Engineering and its Application, 2014, 5(6), 439-445.

Yadav, S. Optimization model for Short-term scheduling of lube-oil production process. International Conference of Chemical and Process Engineering, Bangkok, Thailand, 9-11 June, 2014.

Yadav, S.; and Shaik, M.A. Short Term Scheduling of Refinery Crude-oil Operations. Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research. 2012, 51(27), 9287-9299.

Yadav, S.; and Shaik, M.A. Modeling and Optimization of blending and distribution process. Submitted to Chemical Engineering Science.

Yadav, S. and Shaik, M. A. Short-term Scheduling of Refinery Crude-oil Operations, Indian Chemical Engineering Congress (CHEMCON), 27-29, Dec. 2010, Chidambaram, India.

Yadav, S. and Shaik, M. A. Short-term Scheduling of Refinery Production Process, 14th Asia pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress (APCCHE ), 22-24 Feb. 2012, Singapore.

Suman, A. Yadav, S. and Shaik, M. A. Modeling and Optimization of Refinery Blending and Distribution Operations, Indian Chemical Engineering Congress (CHEMCON), 2012, Jalandhar, India.
Executive Summary
Dr. Sanjeev Yadav is currently Assistant Professor at the Shiv Nadar University. Prior to that, he finished his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi in Chemical Engineering. His main research interests include development of optimization models for the operation planning and scheduling of chemical process industries. His other interest lies in research related to pulp and paper technology, Bioenergy and environment.

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