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Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering has been established with the vision to train students who can pioneer techniques in the production of useful materials. The multi-disciplinary approach at Shiv Nadar University offers students to specialize in the core discipline of Chemical Engineering and combine it with other subjects of their interest so that they are ready to address needs of the present and future areas. Chemical engineering is the only branch that impacts daily life of an individual the most, be it food, clothes, cosmetics, detergents, paper, paint, tyres, chemicals etc. Study of chemical engineering course mainly involves the study of basic chemical engineering concepts of Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Reaction Engineering, Process control, Process Engineering, Process Optimization and the design of chemical manufacturing equipments like reactors, distillation, absorption and extraction columns using computer software.

The rapid development in technology and the need for sustainable development has given rise to the need to focus on safety and environmental pollution control in manufacturing. The focus on inter disciplinary research equips the students with an in-depth knowledge of all the fields closely related with the major discipline. The undergraduate curriculum is designed such as to equally emphasize on experiential learning. Exposing the students to industry and a curriculum designed for addressing the needs of the industry are some of the key aspects at the School of Engineering.

The School has outstanding faculty in all the departments. We have amongst us the best brains from leading colleges and global universities. A passion for research and teaching is what sets apart our faculty. The faculty is committed to guide and encourage the students to excel in their field of specialization. Our aim is to utilize their learning potential and instill technical and professional expertise so that they become the leaders in whatever field they chose.

We offer courses at the undergraduate and Ph. D level. We also intend to offer post-graduation in the near future. The ongoing programs are:

B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering

Ph. D. (Chemical Engineering)

M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering

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