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Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Samant Saurabh
Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
School of Engineering
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Education Details
Institute: Indian Institute of Technology, Patna (2011-2016)
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Topic: Mitigation of Denial of Service attack using IP Traceback

Institute: University of Massachusetts, Amherst (September 2006 - May 2008)
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Major: Computer Systems Engineering

Bachelor of Technology
Institute: Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (Aug 2000- May 2004)
Department: Electronics & Communication Engineering
Professional Experience
  • Assistant professor, Department of Computer Science, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (August 2010 – June 2017)
  • Software Engineer (EMC Corporation, USA, Aug 2008 to July 2010)
  • Sun Microsystems Campus Ambassador, UMass Amherst, USA (Oct 2007 – May 2008)
  • Sun Microsystems, Burlington MA (summer internship June 2007- August 2007)
  • Teaching Assistant (Introduction to Java, Signals & Systems and Circuit Analysis, UMass Amherst)
  • Cisco Systems, Bangalore (April 2006 to July 2006)
  • Samsung India Software Operations Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (July 22, 2004 to April 2006)
Research Interests
Computer Networks, Network Security and Computer Algorithm.

Select Publications
  1. Samant Saurabh and Ashok Singh Sairam, "ICMP based IP traceback with negligible overhead for highly distributed reflector attack using bloom filters", Computer Communications, Elsevier, 42, 60-69, 2014. [SCI Impact factor 2.002 citations 7]
  2. Samant Saurabh and Ashok Singh Sairam. "Increasing the effectiveness of packet marking schemes using wrap-around counting Bloom filter." Security and Communication Networks 9, 3467-3482, 16 2016. [SCI impact factor 1.067]
  3. Samant Saurabh and Ashok Singh Sairam, “Professors – The new YouTube stars: Education through Web 2.0 and Social Network”, International Journal of Web Based Communities, Inderscience, Special Issue on: "Social Networking and Web-based Communities for Education" 9(2), 212-232, 2013. [Scopus citations 6]
  4. Samant Saurabh, Sangita Roy, and Ashok Singh Sairam, "Extended deterministic edge router marking." International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems 13(2), 169-186, 2014. [Scopus citations 1]
  5. Samant Saurabh and Ashok Singh Sairam, “Increasing Accuracy and Reliability of IP Traceback for DDoS Attack Using Completion Condition”, International Journal of Network Security, 18(2), 224-234, 2016. [Scopus citations 2]
RESEARCH WORK: International Conferences
  1. Samant Saurabh and Ashok Singh Sairam. "A more accurate completion condition for attack-graph reconstruction in Probabilistic Packet Marking algorithm." Communications (NCC), 2013 National Conference on. IEEE, 2013. [ h index 24 citation 4]
  2. Samant Saurabh and Ashok Singh Sairam, Linear and Remainder Packet Marking for Fast IP TraceBack, Communication Systems and Networks, 2012. COMSNETS 2012. Fourth International, January 2012, Bangalore, India, IEEE Communication Society.[h index 25 citations 18]
  3. Samant Saurabh and Ashok Singh Sairam, “Eagle Eyes: Protocol Independent Packet Marking Scheme to Selectively Filter Attack Packets During Flooding Based DoS and DDoS Attacks”, Third International Conference on Computer and Communication Technology (ICCCT 2012), 23 - 25 Nov. 2012, Allahabad, India.
  4. Samant Saurabh and Ashok Singh Sairam, “FC-DERM: Fragmentation Compatible Deterministic Edge Router Marking”, The 17th Asia Pacific Conference on Communication, ACPC 2011, 2 - 5 October 2011, Sabah, Malaysia. IEEE Communication Society.
  5. Samant Saurabh and Ashok Sairam, “PT: A Path Tracing and Filtering Mechanism to Defend against DDoS Attacks”, In Proceedings of International Conference of Information Processing, Bangalore, August 2011(Springer Verlag).
  6. Samant Saurabh, Shashi Shekhar Singh, Ashok Sairam, “Global Distributed Indexing for In-Network Storage in Sensor Networks.” In Proceedings of International Conference of Information Processing, Bangalore, August 2011(Springer Verlag).
National and International Recognition:
  1. Awarded the National Talent Search Examination Scholarship (NTSE)in 1998.
  2. All India Rank1077 in IIT JEE 2000
  3. In top 0.1 percentile in Maths in 10th Board (CBSE 1998)
  4. Obtained Scholarship for Masters studies in University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Founder: SaurabhSchool – YouTube Channel for Computer Science (YouTube, 2012-2016)
SaurabhSchool is a YouTube channel with 450+ video lectures on various subjects in Computer Science and Coding. The video lectures are on Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Data Structures, Computer Networks, Operating System, C, C++ and Java.
  1. The channel has 68000+ subscribers and it has more that 9800000+ views.
  2. The channel has 453 video lectures.
  3. Around 40 videos of this channel have 50000+ views.
  4. The channel was accepted in the YouTube EDU program.
Postgraduate Undergraduate
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Management and Entrepreneurship
I-Global MBA – 2018-20
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