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V K Jayaraman
Visiting Professor,
Department of Center for Informatics,
School of Natural Sciences
Email Contact:
Education Details
Ph.D in Chemistry
Professional Experience
40 years of Research experience. Worked at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune in various capacities from 1976 and retired as Deputy Director in 2009. After that worked as a CSIR Emeritus scientist and consultant at CDAC, Pune between 2009 & 2015. Working as a visiting Professor at Shiv Nadar University since 2013 and as an adjunct professor at Pune University since 2016.
Research Interests:
His research areas of interest include modelling and simulations in chemical and biochemical engineering, process modelling, control and optimization. For the last ten years he is working on applications of Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence to chemically reacting systems, process fault detection and monitoring, information security & chemo & bioinformatics
Select Publications:
Jayaraman, V.K., Kulkarni, B.D., (1981), An effectiveness factor for surface diffusion with product inhibition, The Chemical Engineering Journal,21, Pages 261-264.

Jayaraman, V.K., Hlavacek, V., Puszynski, J., (1987), An expanding core model for a heterogeneous, noncatalytic, gas-solid reaction, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 26, Pages 1048-1050.

Jayaraman, V.K., (1991), A simple method of solution for a class of bioreaction-diffusion problems, Biotechnology Letters,13 (6), Pages 455-460.

Tambe, S.S., Jayaraman, V.K., Kulkarni, B.D., (1994), Cellular automata modelling of a surface catalytic reaction with Eley-Rideal step: the case of CO oxidation, Chemical Physics Letters, 225, Pages 303-308.

Jayaraman, V.K., Kulkarni, B.D., (1997), An efficient algorithm for solving hollow-fiber bioreactor design equations, Chemical Engineering Journal, 65, Pages 77-80.

Jayaraman, V.K., Kulkarni, B.D., Karale, S., Shelokar, P., (2000), Ant colony framework for optimal design and scheduling of batch plants, Computers and Chemical Engineering, 24, Pages 1901-1912.

Jayaraman, V.K., Kulkarni, B.D., Gupta, K., Rajesh, J., Kusumaker, H.S., (2001), Dynamic optimization of fed-batch bioreactors using the ant algorithm, Biotechnology Progress, 17, Pages 81-88.

Jade, A.M, Srikanth, B., Jayaraman, V.K., Kulkarni, B.D., Jog, J.P., Priya, L., (2003), Feature extraction and denoising using kernel PCA, Chemical Engineering Science, 58, Pages 4441-4448.

Kulkarni, O.C., Vigneshwar, R., Jayaraman, V.K., Kulkarni, B.D., (2005), Identification of coding and non-coding sequences using local Ho¨lder exponent formalism, Bioinformatics, 21, Pages 3818-3823.

Jade, A.M., Jayaraman, V.K., Kulkarni, B.D., Khopkar, A.R., Ranade, V.V., Sharma, A., (2006), A novel local singularity distribution based method for flow regime identification: Gas-liquid stirred vessel with Rushton turbine, Chemical Engineering Science, 61, Pages 688-697.

Idicula-Thomas, S., Kulkarni, A.J., Kulkarni, B.D., Jayaraman, V.K., Balaji, P.V., (2006), A support vector machine-based method for predicting the propensity of a protein to be soluble or to form inclusion body on overexpression in Escherichia coli, Bioinformatics, 22, Pages 278-284.

Jade, A.M., Jayaraman, V.K., Kulkarni, B.D., (2006), Improved time series prediction with a new method for selection of model parameters, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, 39, Pages L483-L491.

Gandhi, A.B., Joshi, J.B., Jayaraman, V.K., Kulkarni, B.D., (2007), Development of support vector regression (SVR)-based correlation for prediction of overall gas hold-up in bubble column reactors for various gas-liquid systems, Chemical Engineering Science, 62, Pages 7078-7089.

Shaini Thomas, ShreyasKarnik, Ram Shankar Barai, V.K.Jayaraman, Susan Idicula Thomas ( 2010), Nucleic Acid Research, 38, D77-D 84.

Rajappan, R., Shingade P., Natarajan, R and Jayaraman, V.K. ( 2009), “Quantitative Structure-Property Relationship (QSPR) Prediction of Liquid Viscosities of Pure Organic Compounds Employing Random Forest Regression “ Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 48, 9708-9712.

Oak, N., Jayaraman, V.K. (2014), “ Identification of Ligand Binding Pockets on Nuclear Receptors by Machine Learning Methods”, Protein & Peptide Letters,21(8) 808-814.

Ranganarayanan, P., Thanigesan, N., Ananth, V., Jayaraman, V. K., & Ramakrishnan, V. (2016). Identification of glucose-binding pockets in human serum albumin using support vector machine and molecular dynamics simulations. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 13(1), 148-157.


Valadi, J., &Siarry, P. (Eds.). (2014). Applications of Metaheuristics in Process Engineering. Springer.

National & International Recognition:
Herdillia Award for Excellence in Basic Research in Chemical Engineering by Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers in 2002.

Fellow of the Maharashtra Academy of Sciences 2005.

B.D.Tilak Endowment lecture award UICT, Mumbai 2007.

Scientist of the year award 2007 by NCL Research Foundation .

Indian National Academy of Engineering Distinguished Visiting Professor to National Institute of Technology,Tiruchirapalli, India 2009-2011.
Executive Summary:
Has extensive experience in diverse areas like modelling and Simulation of Chemical reactors, Machine Learning,Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing and Chemo& Bioinformatics.Has successfully completed projects funded by government agencies like Department of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology, NTPC and BHEL etc.He has taught several courses in core chemical and bioengineering subjects in various universities. Currently he teaches chemical reaction engineering and computational Biology and Machine learning and optimization courses. Has published more than 100 papers in international Journals.
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