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Sreedeep Bhattacharya
Centre for Public Affairs and Critical Theory
School of Humanities and Social Science
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Education Details
PhD in Sociology, JNU, 2011
M.Phil in Sociology, JNU, 2007
M.A. in Sociology, JNU, 2006
B.A. in Sociology, University of Delhi, Hindu College, 2004
Professional Experience
2012 - 2013: Research Associate for a project titled ‘Asian Cities in the Age of Global Modernity’ with National University of Singapore

2012 - 2013: Research Consultant with A.B. Design Habit, New Delhi.
Research Interests:
Consumerism, Spaces of Consumption, Planned Obsolescence, Visual dimensions of the City, Body-Image, Photography
Research and Fellowships
Received ICSSR Fellowship for undertaking a visual project on manual scavenging, 2016-2017.

Received Neel Dongre Grants for Excellence in Photography funded by The India Photo Archive Foundation to participate in a collaborative photography project on recycling, which was exhibited in India International Centre, April 1-11, 2016

Co-Author, “Re-thinking the Industrial Disputes Act: Labour Relations for New India"

Co-Author, ‘Matters of Life and Debt’ - A Report Submitted to Reserve Bank of India on Rural Distress and Farmers’ Suicide in Yavatmal and Sangrur, 2016

Research Associate for ‘Asian Cities in the Age of Global Modernity’ with National University of Singapore, 2012.

Student Fellow of the Media Fellowship Programme, Public Service Broadcasting Trust, 2007.

Recipient of 'Student Stipends for Research on the City’ by Sarai, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, 2007
Undergoing Projects
ICSSR project on Manual Scavenging, 2016-2017.

Shot 14 episodes of 'Conversation with Professor Romila Thapar'. This initiative is a part of ‘Documenting Pioneers of Social Science in India’ - a project initiated by Prof. Ajay Dandekar from the SHSS, SNU. Currently engaged in a similar exercise with Prof. Andre Beteille

Currently compiling a video documentary on agrarian crisis
Peer Reviewed Publications (During the tenure with C-PACT)

  • Currently conceptualizing a book titled “For Brand’s Sake: Images of Who-We-Are and Who-We-Want-To-Be. It book relocates the relation between the ‘material’ and the ‘social’ by shifting focus from ‘commodities’ to ‘brands’ through which our desires are increasingly being mediated. Responding to the needs of comprehending the contemporary consumption practices in the urban Indian context, the book also refines a few prevalent considerations on negotiations of identity, status and mobility through strategic purchase and display of brands.

  • Social Circulation of Peer Reviewed Bodies: Consuming Images of the Ideal-Body & Transforming Body-Images for Consumption (submitted recently), Society and Culture in South Asia

  • Crossing the Line: Caring Across the Borders, Yale Journal of International Affairs, September 29, 2016

  • Dark Colors of Cotton, IIC Quarterly, forthcoming issue in October, 2016

  • Contested Spaces and Resultant Conflicts: Some Aspects of the Agrarian Crisis in India', co-authored with Prof. Ajay Dandekar in Review of Market Integration, (forthcoming, October, 2016)

  • Mind your Language: Their Body, Our Villager in Society and Culture in South Asia, Vol. 2, Issue 2, June 2016

  • River Ending – A visual narrative on degeneration of River Yamuna, Mass Context, 2013, Issue 19 / Fall 13, p 34-51
Other Publications: (During the tenure with C-PACT)
  • ‘'The self in the self(i.e.)’, OPEN, Feb 2016, Vol 08, Issue 8, 2015, p14-17
  • Can’t Stop Drooling – How the Erotification of the popular media is changing urban desires, OPEN, August 18, 2015.
  • Mock, Mock! Who’s Calling? The ironies of outsourcing and the aspirations of an individual, OPEN, Vol 7, Issue 29, July 27, 2015, P 42-45
  • Left Out, Left behind, Left in Between – an Essay, OPEN, Vol 7, issue 22, June 7, 2015, p 30-33
  • bluetooth in our bodies’, Himal, June 2016,
Visual Narratives/Photo Features
  • Benaeth the Iron Curtain: Images of Life under Delhi’s Lohapul’, The Wire, June, 2016
  • The Afterlife of the Lifeless at Mayapuri Junkyard’, The Wire, May 1, 2016
  • Spicy Portraits in Colour, Bodaki Crossing - Journal of Literature and Art, Vol 2, Issue 2 (Forthcoming, May 2016)
  • The Art of Campus Protests - A feature on political graffiti in The Wire, Jan 26, 2016.
  • Sacred and Profane, Action and Pause, Bodaki Crossing – Journal of Literature and Art, Vol 1, 2015
  • Phoenix Rising, The Sunday Guardian, November 21, 2015, p 30-31
  • Troubled Waters, The Sunday Guardian, Vol 6. Issue 31, August, 2015, p 10-11
  • Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors - Wagah Photo Feature, The Political Indian, November 7, 2014
  • On a Magical Carpet in Varanasi - Open, May 26, 2014, p44-48.
  • Museums of Enchanting Past - Millennium Post, April 20, 2014, P IV
  • Courting Prospects – A visual narrative on identity issues of a border village in Ladakh, January 09, 2013, Himal
  • Inorganic Transplants: afterlife of the lifeless' in Shiv Nadar University, 20-25 September, 2016 as a part of an International Conference titled ‘(Re)imagining Future(s): Ecology, Emancipation and the Built Environment’
  • Exhibited the visual project titled “Inorganic Transplants: afterlife of the lifeless' in India International Centre, April 1-11, 2016. This exhibition is a part of India Photo Archive Foundation's initiative to curate the works of photographers around the theme of 'waste' & 'recycle'.
  • Exhibited in in TRIVENI KALA SANGAM (Open Air Gallery, Mandi House, NOVEMBER 20 - 26 as a part of the BOOKART exploration for the 8th BOOKAROO LITFEST 2015, supported by Vadehra Art Gallery Bookstore
  • Exhibited in Faces in the Dark, 5th - 24th December 2010 at Birla Academy of Arts and Culture, Calcutta
  • Exhibited in heard-unheard, December 2010, Artspeak India, New Delhi
  • Exhibited in ‘Cortona: a sight of alternative conference’ - a solo photography exhibition, 20-27th November 2010, Resort Alankrita, Hyderabad.
  • Exhibited in Man to Man Talk - a solo exhibition of a photo montage in a theatre production as a part of ‘Sarvodaya Book Fest of Life Stories, Hind Swaraj and Issues’ in S.N. Kansangra School, Rajkot - 17-23, Feb’10
  • Exhibited brand(e)scape: the changing sur(face) of the city - a solo photography exhibition of work in progress, Nov 3-17 in Arts & Aesthetics Gallery, JNU. Reviewed in Mail Today on 6.11.09, pg 18-19; The Hindu on 7.11.09, pg 2; & on ArtSlant.
Executive Summary:
Sreedeep is a Fellow with C-PACT.

Before joining SNU he was involved with Design Habit – a unique design consultancy doing pioneering work in designing alternative narrative spaces through installations and multimedia. It exposed him to intensive engagement with archival work, and collection of documents and images pertaining to modernizing mission, freedom movement, partition, riots, exodus, rehabilitation processes.

His doctoral thesis engaged with a qualitative analysis of how consumption of branded commodities are subject to socio-cultural influences and their role as classificatory markers in an age of consumption.

He has worked on several visual projects on varied subjects mostly pertaining to contemporary urban issues focusing on exclusion, obsolescence, environment, brand-consumption and the body.

He has keen interest in contemporary Bengali poetry. He is the author of three published compilations – Shoreer-Street (2010), Premer Mini-Pack (2011), Bhromonabhishar (2013).
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