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Research Focus
Land Water Agriculture Health
Field, Market and Industrial Corridor: Dadri Project

An interdisciplinary, long-term study of the complex changes in land, land use and landscape underway in and around Dadri, where SNU is based.

Strong synergies with the Water and Agriculture themes.
Post-graduate Program on Water

C-PACT has designed and run a first-of-its-kind, 2-year multi-disciplinary post-graduate program on Water.

Given the multi-faceted nature of water, the program builds on deep synergies across all other themes: Land, Agriculture and Health
Rural Distress and Farmers’ Suicides in Central India

A field-based investigation of the political economy of the agrarian crisis in Central India
Governance, Regulation and Corruption in Health Care Practice in India

A collaborative project with medical doctors looking at governance issues in various domains of the health sector
Action-Research on Rural Manufacturing

Collaborative research on food processing, value-chains, bio-economics, ecological-economic flows, rural transformation, and work, employment and entrepreneurship in rural India

Strong synergies with the Agriculture theme
India’s Water and Land Heritage: A Critical Exploration

India has a long and hallowed history of water conservation and water management systems, as well as a rich heritage that is often a constructed one, whose study demands an inter-disciplinary understanding of natural resource systems, society, culture and economy
Cultivating Knowledge, Cultivating Sustainability: Experiments in Agriculture in western India

Ethnographic research on sustainable non-chemical agriculture in Maharashtra
Health: A Subnational View of a State Subject in a Federal System

Subnational inequities in policy and implementation, including the role of street level bureaucracies and front line providers
    The Historical Sociology of Private Sector Innovation in Seeds

Archival and ethnographic research on agricultural bio-technology
    Agriculture in the Environment: Knowledge, Policy and Practice

Research on climate change, structure and conduct of agricultural research, agriculture-food-nutrition linkages

Cross-cutting Areas of Work

Across the four thematic areas of C-PACT research, there are two cross-cutting areas of work in which we hope to contribute comparative and cumulative insight, as well as concrete directions for action.

Policy processes and policy intelligence Institutional and individual capacities at the cutting-edge of implementation
  • Conceptualising public affairs and public policy across the four thematic areas
  • The ‘who’ and ‘how’ and the context of policy and policy-making
  • Understanding institutions and processes of institutional change
  • Focusing on knowledge generation, innovation and entrepreneurship for social, ecological and economic sustainability
  • Examining Policy Sciences and Science Policy and the democratic conduct of public affairs
  • Re-thinking the relationship between policy design and implementation and the structure and practice of technical and financial assistance
  • Building critical, interdisciplinary capacities for the water sector in India through the Postgraduate Program in Water
  • A focus on sub-national inequities in policy and implementation, including the role of street level bureaucracies and front line providers
  • An interdisciplinary, comparative and collaborative project on Frontline Functionaries of the Indian State, drawing on fieldwork across states, regions, programmes, local bureaucracies, and public systems – including health, education, land, water, agriculture, other development sectors and law and order.

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