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Aditi Seth
B.Tech. Student
Shiv Nadar University
B.Tech. Student
Shiv Nadar University
SNU Tour
Kriti Bakshi
B.Tech. Student
Shiv Nadar University
Sajjan Malhotra
B.Tech. Student
Shiv Nadar University
Our Campus

The Shiv Nadar University is built in a sprawling 286 acres full residential campus. The built up area of the University in phase one is 1.8 million sq ft.

The Shiv Nadar University has one of the best-in-class infrastructure and facilities on the campus. The University is equipped with Electronics Laboratory, Communication Systems Laboratory, Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Integrated Circuits Laboratory, High Voltage Laboratory, Virtual Instrumentation and Signal Processing Laboratory, Dynamics Laboratory, CAD CAM Laboratory and many more which are necessary for the respective departments along with modern computer clusters. These laboratories assist in imparting practical training to students and reinforcing their theoretical concepts. It also makes the University a veritable place for learning and research, while the systematically designed curriculum and qualified dedicated faculty members make it a dynamic place to study.

The undergraduate curriculum at SNU also places heavy emphasis on experiential learning and co-curricular activities with all students having to participate in some form of internship, practicum or service learning programme in addition to conducting research both within and outside the classroom/laboratory setting. This provides students a real-world context for their learning along with subject matter expertise and broad-based education.

The overall structure of SNU's undergraduate curriculum is designed to foster students' ability to integrate critical thinking, interpretive skills, scientific exploration and normative principles into their world-view and prepare them as future leaders in a complex, changing, and unpredictable world.
  • Cafeteria
A hygienic, well-furnished and well-equipped cafeteria is available in the campus to provide food for the staff and students. The cafeteria remains open on all working days and offers an assortment of cuisines, both Indian and International. A committee consisting of staff, students and trustees supervises the functioning of the canteen and takes care of its maintenance.

  • Hostels
Accommodation is provided for students. The University has well-furnished hostels for men and women respectively. All the rooms are furnished with beds, tables and chairs. Strict discipline is maintained in the hostels and smoking and drinking in the premises is prohibited.

  • Wi-Fi
The campus is Wi-Fi enabled, a facility which extends to libraries, classrooms, dining halls and outdoor common areas. SNU faculty, staff, students and guests can remain  seamlessly connected across the entire campus.

  • Library
The central library has an extensive collection of books, scientific and technical journals and electronic reference material, which is updated regularly. The Library and Information Centre consists of a Reference Section, Circulation Section, Audio-visual Section, Periodical Section, Book Bank and Digital Library. The library is housed in a huge block. In addition to the central library, each department has its own library.

Campus Life

Living and learning are very well blended at SNU. Clubs and forums offer various extra-curricular activities for students, faculty and staff. The learning imparted at SNU extends beyond the classroom into the residence and dining halls, onto the playing fields and performance stages. Our focus is on educating students by bringing them together in these many venues and building and investing in a vibrant co-curricular life. We believe in the all-round development of students and honing their skills in their interest areas.

Campus Tour

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The details of the Nodal Officer for Student facilitation services are given below :

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact Details
1. Dr. Ram K Sharma
E-Mail: ram.sharma@snu.edu.in
Associate Dean,
Academic Affairs (UG) & Student Welfare.

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