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Partner Programs
SNU has partnered with prestigious foreign universities to take Indian Higher Education to newer heights.

School of Management and Entrepreneurship

India’s distinct entrepreneurial nature is reflected in its family-run businesses and the new first-generation enterprises. While individuals and business families in India have displayed sharp business acumen and have established global recognition, there was a need for structured and formal intervention through education to nurture and promote leadership in entrepreneurship. Therefore SNU collaborated with Babson College, USA, to launch India’s first entrepreneurship-focused center and business programs.

School of Engineering

Global education has always been a big dream for Indian students. Each year, more than 40,000 Indian students go overseas in search of global exposure and world-class educational opportunities. Keeping this in mind SNU joined hands with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to create a uniquely designed Program, which merges the best of SNU and CMU.

Carnegie Mellon University is a private research university ranked No. 1 in computer science according to the Wall Street Journal poll conducted in 2010 and 15th among US universities according to Times Higher Education of London, 2012.

The Salient Features of the program are as follows:
  • It is a dual degree program and not a simple exchange program
  • A unique bi-national experience that will prepare students to succeed in an increasingly globalized working environment
  • Integrated course providing the best technical education to Indian students
  • World-class faculty promising high standards of education
  • Financial aid to meritorious students
  • For Master’s degree in 5 years a student in his 4th year can declare that he / she want to do Master’s degree. If the student has 3.0 or more GPA then the student can enroll into the Master’s degree which takes an additional year. The student will have to pay the additional fees before the commencement of the last year.

School of Communication

The growth of communication and media in India has been exponential and India required a globally- relevant research-led program in communication. Annenberg , located in Pennsylvania, USA, is a globally renowned institution and stands at the forefront of education, research, and policy studies on the processes, nature, and consequences of existing and emerging media. SNU collaborated with ASC to create a world class communication program at the SNU School of Communication.”

The salient features of this partnership are as follows:
  • SNU offers undergraduate, graduate and research programs in Communication in India in association with ASC
  • ASC assists SNU to foster curriculum development, faculty recruitment and exchange programs
  • ASC and SNU has partnered to set up a joint Center for Global Communication Research at SNU

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