1. Workshop on Applied Machine Learning (Duration: 3 Hours)

Because of the big data tidal wave, there has been a rise in interest in machine learning and data-based applications. This one-day workshop is designed to present machine learning concepts and techniques with some hands-on experience on various algorithms; and also discuss potential research directions and applications. Case studies on how machine learning techniques could be applied to various datasets will be discussed.

Participants may discuss their on-going machine learning based projects with the team. Collaborative activities with individuals / institutions will be explored.

Dr. M. Gopal
Professor and Director Emeritus
Dr. M. Arun Kumar
Lead Data Scientist
Target Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

2. Energy-Efficiency Issue and Other Challenges for 5th Generation Wireless Networks Design.
(Duration: 3 Hours)

This workshop will provide the audience with a comprehensive knowledge of current trends and developments in wireless communications with a focus on hyper-dense systems which will be the pillar of next-generation wireless networks.

  • The challenges and design problems facing the introduction of sustainable, energy-efficient communication systems.
  • An overview on the state-of-the-art results and literature on HDHNs and the key roadmap for the future.
  • A comprehensive overview on innovative techniques, such as stochastic geometry and game theory, used in designing SON and radio resource management modules for HDHNs.
  • Future research directions and open problems in the area of energy-efficient HDHNs.
Dr. Abolfazl Mehbodniya
Assistant professor,
Wireless Signal Processing and Networking Laboratory,
Graduate School of Engineering,
Dept. of Communications Engineering,
Tohoku University