Systems society of India conducts the National Systems Conference (NSC) every year since 1973. The National Systems Conference is a major annual event to provide an interactive and professional platform to active systems professionals to exchange and share information and experiences in this vital field. The primary aim of the conference is to create awareness about the application of the systems theory to the complex systems in nature, society, and science. The Systems Society of India is the organizing partner of the NSC 2015. The National Systems Conference 2015 is technically sponsored by IEEE UP Section.

Conference Objectives and Scope

Theme : Emerging Technologies for Engineering Complex Systems

The conference brings together systems professionals, researchers, and students to share their experiences in tackling complex engineering systems. The conference aims to showcase emerging technologies, case studies, benchmarks, and future trends pertaining to advances in engineering of complex systems.

Scope : Recent Trends in Systems Engineering Education, Research and Practice

Though the theme of the conference is emerging technologies for engineering complex systems, the scope is not limited to engineering domain. Natural science is the back bone of emerging technologies. The task of engineering complex systems must take care of financial and operational management aspects and also the impact on society. NSC 2015 will provide a high-level, national forum to discuss recent trends in systems engineering practice across the multiple disciplines associated with the engineering of complex systems.

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